if I replace my skin with brass is that blasphemy (the objectification of the divine) or idolatry (the divinification of the objective)


Excerpts from Mad(e)woman, a book of poetry by A. Leylâ; (mental health, self-image, suggestion of physical harm) 

i feared the glass

like light
⠀poised to break itself
⠀against a window / pane

like light
⠀(i break myself through glass / my
⠀self / shatter into simpler colors
⠀bloody colors)

like light
⠀(each mirror takes from me a fraction
⠀of myself / somebody thrown back; some / body
⠀bent away.

⠀⠀⠀the rest in / verse)
⠀⠀only what if i exist
⠀⠀what if only i exist
⠀⠀what if i only exist

what if i exist only
to pull the glass out of
my mo⠀⠀⠀uth
so the mirror bent me back in 2
dimensions / ⠀⠀& the body bends me
back in 3.

[end excerpts]

author's blog: autogalatea.tumblr.com
author's email: autogalatea@gmail.com

you can purchase Mad(e)woman in PDF from the author directly; contact hir via hir email.

given who I am as a person, I'm prone to punning obtusely on the word "object" in general, but I think the OP of this thread may be a new height and/or depth for me

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