I'm really glad that TERFs have taken gender abolition, the goal of ending the system of gender violence that structures heterosexual society, and used it to mean eliminating the bewildering variation in behavior, sexuality, grooming, clothing, and shape and characteristics of the body that heterosexuality violently structures into 'gender.' it's almost as if they took on the pre-existing goals of patriarchal society, but gave it a feminist veneer

listen. I'm a trans woman and a [very rude word connoting effeminacy]. when I say my goal is the abolition of gender, PLEASE trust me that my utopian vision of the future looks way trans-er, gayer, and WEIRDER than the artificial narrowness of the colonizer's gender binary

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gender violence makes the things we do as part of doing gender — clothes, cosmetics, mannerisms, dance, sex, speech, medicine, surgery — LESS interesting because it is dangerous to transgress. many people doing the coolest and most bizarre genders available today are barred, via gender violence, from the resources they need to do that gender even harder-core

it is gender violence I want to get rid of. when we do, all the rest of those things will continue to exist. maybe, after awhile, we will stop calling them 'gender.' who knows! who CARES

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