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Signs and Portents, a Poem

Content Warnings: parental abuse, meat.

I think this poem (FKA Any Port and the Storm, FKA Shelter in Place) might finally be done. I'd love it if you gave it a read!

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the power I have to pivot to adorable 90s femme with a jaw-length wavy bob DIRECTLY from combed-back tiny napebun fuccboi butch in a snapback is immense, and I intend to use it as irresponsibly as possible

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Daddy, Please ( of Pt. II by cover)

sung by me myself and I, , three-part

this is the third version of this track I'm posting today sibs!!!

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this is not a place of Poggers. what happened here is NotLikeThis and BabyRage to us

"you there, enby, what day is it?!" i shout from my window to a street urchin below.

"why it's RIco Day, you petite bourgeoisie arsehole!" the child yells back before throwing a cinder block through the storefront window of my scrimshaw emporium.

gimme the beat, sibs, and free me well,
I wanna get lost in some posts by Sel
and drift away

hey it's me byttyrs but I'm Manurweibling at monads dot online now

I'm Manurweibling @ now @Manurweibling like, that's new main I think

Manurwiebling of Monads, once Byttyrs of Radtown, once of Queer Party, once of Masto dot Cloud

I'm Manurweibling @ now @Manurweibling like, that's new main I think

Some of y'all are gonna get mad about this 

cheating in a video game is wrong but if you match up against the us army esports team then its time to start spinbotting

@byttyrs @torie @Aleums nylonvibe is the plucky, vibrant genre which appropriates and twists the aesthetics of cheap consumerism. expect expect vibrant colors and plastic in intense geometric and fractal forms, an almost too upbeat energy overlaying a deep unsettled energy reflecting the unease inherent in modern youth.


@witchfynder_finder @Aleums @byttyrs beakerwave was a youtube-exclusive subgenre of vaportrap which sampled “glassy” sounding percussion instead of hi hats [akin to a beaker being hit] while visually appropriating old muppet show iconogrophy, particularly dr bunsen hunnydew and his assistant beaker, popular during May 2017

Cleantable Group

@Aleums @byttyrs Kinematic brutalism was a short-lived hyper-minimalist art movement that lasted about 5 months. The artists involved were attempting to re-evnision futurist ideals of technology, movement, and speed from a Soviet Socialist perspective and wanted to find the smallest possible number of changes to shape needed to imply motion. The movement ended when one artist carved a cubic rhombus.


@witchfynder_finder Doubleband shows the juxtoposition between two clashing aesthetics, often used within the music community to show the depth of your interests. Combining a Beethoven tee shirt with some floral shoppe pants for example, helps signal interests to others. It can also be used to highlight how contrasting colors and patterns can be used to force the viewer to focus on one aspect at a time

next is pisscloud

@witchfynder_finder @Aleums sludge punk is all about harsh-but-round angles and shapes, it primarily uses acid shock purple with neon orange and neon lime green for its colors, it borrows a lot of imagery from safety signs and hazard labels from science, and will often have them be very faded or rusty when they're used. Sludgepunk also uses heavily transparent/faded smokestacks and industrial plants (like 15% opacity) as backgrounds


when the characters stay in their original world that's an isn'tekai

X friendship ended with "she" X
X now "they/he" is my best friend X

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