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hey! I'm Mads (Magdalena, Madison, Madeleine, Madleline, whatever)! Use she/her for me. Minors do not interact.

I'm a white woman and a settler-colonizer in the Southeast U.S.. I'm also a commie [T-slur] bisexual [F-slur]. I got a lotta interests and a lotta beef with the way the world is, but I'd like to think I talk on all of it with a light touch.

I make music, poetry, and visual art in a variety of traditional and digital media. Ask me about my furry alt, or my religion/witchcraft/madness alt, if we've talked and those things are relevant to yr interests.

Anything thinky and long-winded that I post (and boy howdy there's a lot of it!) is subject to deletion or muting if I get tired of seeing it in my notes. Also, I try to keep my follows and followers pretty trimmed. I'm mostly here to shitpost with the mufos, y'know?

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when you have a killer hangover from the laurels and gaseous updraft and someone shows you the prophecies you made when you were still full of Apollo:

the main road on campus is still brick, many individual bricks worn down by generations of students treading on specific paths said to boost their speed when running to class, improve their memory before an important test, or ensure that the date they're on goes well. no one's sure who first figured these patterns out; it's entirely possible that students have done this so long that the superstition has worn itself into truth the same way the footsteps are worn into the path

the university's seal in its most accurate representation (a 100' diameter copper wheel in the middle of the Chair's Quad) is fractal. each quarter of the shield has an icon that (if you look closely) breaks down into four more segments, each with their own fourfold emblem, and so forth. most representations only go three levels deep, for practicality, but older replicas of the seal seem to grow more details as they age, even past the lowest level of resolution in the medium. sometimes they diverge from the primary seal's emblems, at which point they become incredibly valuable to collectors, and occasionally grow warm to the touch.

sometimes if you explain yourself worse the second time people go away and let you talk to yourself

showing a panel of shitposters a slideshow of guys, asking if each one fucks, and getting increasingly consternated with each positive result

exercise can help you MANAGE your depression. anyone telling you it cures depression is full of shit

Excuse me, I'm not into this content *because* I'm a lesbian. I just have good taste. And it's girls

friends assuming my interests are driven entirely by my lesbianism are 1. not giving diligent due to my cultivated aesthetic and intellectual depth and 2. correct, tf

a building has been under construction for 50 years. every day it has a new layout. the profs get maps, the students don't.

there's several hundred undergraduate journals, running the gamut from poetry to artificial intelligence to molecular genetics, but also to magic the gathering card design, platonic caving, demonology, and rejections from other undergraduate journals. sometimes they have tournaments where each sends their strongest warrior.

the dorms have extensive networks of tunnels and sub-basements. if you want to find a quiet study space, just go down. i recommend the scones from the first year dining hall, they leave a trail of crumbs to find your way back even through the paper to-go bags.

all the sliding blackboards just keep sliding to reveal more blackboards. go deep enough and you'll find last lecture's notes, and the ones before them, and so on and so forth. eventually you find notes in dead languages, then in archaic alphabets, then in pictographs.

then a long zone of blankness.

then english, but with a strange affect and a few letters (or punctuation?) you don't recognize.

then static, rendered lovingly in chalk.

the largest lecture hall on campus has thousands of seats. they're arranged in haphazard organic patterns and spirals, part of an experimental school of architecture that gives the hall a uniquely baroque resonance. as the student body grows, the count of seats does as well, growing and evolving with the times. it's been the subject of dozens of theses, and stealing a chair from that hall is a rite of passage for architecture students. no one really minds - they're self-replenishing, after all.

the old joke of "there's only two seasons on campus: winter and construction" has been reified in school calendars. the semesters are labeled Winter and Construction. all school calendars only refer to Winter and Construction. even papers published at the university are required in style guides to have a key, labeling November through June as Winter, and July through Tenuary (the month between October and November) as Construction.

hazing was never banned on campus, instead, the first-years started hazing the upper-years back.

all the TAs for BIO434 (advanced studies in carcinization) are identical, and always have been. their appearance varies from year to year, but they're always all the same. some students take this as a challenge, and apply for the TA position. some of them are accepted.

there's ongoing debate on whether the cryptozoology department or the zoology department gets to lead research on the loch ness monster now that they've conclusively found its dung

survivor's guilt but it's where I guilt-trip other people

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