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Call For Submissions: Gay Ennui Periodical F/W 2019, a new grayscale zine to feature work by gay, bi, pan, queer, trans, nb, etc. creators* about gayness (and, y'know, the rest of that list), ennui, or both!

8.5x11" format, pagefold and margins leave four 4.25"x7" areas for pure text per sheet- or I can print images to the bleed! I accept layouts (in correct proportions) or I can do the formatting on plaintext/bare images. If you can give me your work in a form printable on one or two such pages, I am happy to accept your work in any media, until space/time/resources demand editorial discretion.

Contributor pay is $5, and possibly more if this is a wild success; paying contributors is my first priority upon sales, sorry, this project is super bootleg.

Submission deadline is November 15th, 2019, but there may be room for flexibility.

Email me questions or submissions at, or contact me elsewhere!

* I'm just trustin' y'all, I ain't the gay cops

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fumigating my entire personal space with Axe body spray like an ungainly adolescent masking his personal stench, but I'm covering up the smell of child abuse so men will leave me alone

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when you have a killer hangover from the laurels and gaseous updraft and someone shows you the prophecies you made when you were still full of Apollo:

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"do you have any reading recommendations on [X]?" 

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introduction, self-referential F-slur 

the most relatable thing about Fun Home (the graphic novel), and there are a lot of relatable things about Fun Home, is just how much Allison Bechdel huffs her own farts in it. I don't mean that as a dig, it's just an observation. I am also constantly high as balls on my own bullshit in a similar fashion

I suck at writing these and they're annoying AF and I guess that's why there's been no donations for weeks
And as much as I want to give up and never do one of these again, I have no other choice but to beg for help to keep us from becoming homeless from this fucking renoviction

I'm sorry but I have no idea how much time we have left
Please.. If you can help or boost

😫 😫 😫 😭 💔 😭 😫 😫 😫$luxotek

there is a faint whiff of mortality about load-nutting memes

@byttyrs @dankwraith especially the case for a lot of subjects in university mathematics: lots of concepts and entities have to be established from the bottom up, and trying to pick up new ideas without having firm grasp of the underlying fundamentals is virtually futile. Refusing to let go of pre-existing misconceptions or misleading intuitions will work actively against that learning process.

I have given myself permission to stop or back off any time I need to but wisdom is the purest form of love I have to give and, socially constructed and implicated in gendered divisions of labor or not, withholding love is not very good for me

is it feminine labor to help people wrestle with the sharp objects they carry around in their minds? yeah. am I going to stop doing that for my friends and loved ones? no.

Aid request for a low income disabled trans person in need! My partner was houseless for a long time prior to moving in with me & lost their clothing & has not been able to get new clothes including any gender affirming clothing in 3+ years. They’re also in need of prescription eyeglasses & have been w/o for 4yrs. I’m trying to raise funds to take them thrifting & to the optometrist for Christmas. Anything is helpful!

Venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

slap that brass ass. watch it ripple. "something kind of uncanny about that," you have time to think

I don't know why this post in particular is so captivating to me. it starts somewhere deeply ridiculous and lands in unreasonably spooky with almost no time in between

I think @dankwraith put it best when he said that anyone can learn mathematics, they just have to accept that they are a dumb baby who needs everything explained to them very very simply and in small parts.

maybe math is especially that way, but I think learning to be the dumb baby who is willing to chew and swallow one bite of information at a time is important, and difficult, for almost everyone.

the problem isn't you, the problem is being a human person. lots of human people have shame and guilt around what being a human person involves. that makes sense, and it sucks, but it's not your fault that human people need to learn things in bite-sized chunks

you really, actually have to respect someone to teach them anything important. and respect is a skill; it, too, is blocked by a mass of false and misleading information and protected by sophisticated techniques for self-bamboozling. to learn to respect people takes unlearning, first, and then still further new skills

for instance, the actual most difficult thing about coaching a man into developing emotional intelligence is finding a way to ask:

"are you experiencing any emotions that AREN'T anger? could you be? based on the situations you find yourself reacting to, what other feelings could a person have about that besides anger?"

... that doesn't imply you think they're stupid. and it's very important that you ACTUALLY have Genuine empathy for their difficulty with emotional awareness, because people are very sensitive to this kind of thing and might infer that you think they're stupid even if you don't

the trick to teaching an adult anything is that they have learned false or misleasing informatiom alongside a great deal of sophisticated techniques to avoid paying attention to what's actually there in front of them, and you need to simultaneously baffle that sophisticated haze of avoidance and bullshit and make them sift through the simple facts with the open mind of a child, while also not condescending or infantilizing them

"the bi-nefit of the doubt" is such a powerful turn of phrase

amateur art appreciator at the Louvre: wow... her smile... so mysterious... truly the most interesting woman in the world
me , projecting my voice from the back of the crowd: actually she looks kinda bored, dude. [elbowing my way closer] ma'am, is this guy bothering you

I would simply like the Masto UI to take either noticeably less time than it takes me to find a link and tap it, or noticeably more, to load its vertical-space-consuming UI elements and move the link in question out from under my touch

Probably cursed 

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