on July 5th in 1962, Algeria officially won their independence from their French colonizers after 132 years of occupation, ethnic cleansing, and genocide

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pronouns in your bio? meh

computer specs in your bio? now that's some important shit (i use this platform on my phone lmao)

My cousin is trying to get the (despicable) name of this road in oregon changed. I know that change.org petitions can feel a little silly and ineffectual, but he and I would really appreciate your contribution if you have the time.


might try dying my hair myself in a week or so. any tips for bleaching it? im going for white and have naturally darkish brown hair.

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homophobic that there's a pandemic which has delayed me dying my hair and getting more tattoos/piercings

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*points to my jojos tattoo* oh this? i'm a fucking nerd.

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getting tattoos so i can explain what they mean to cis men

if saturdays are for the boys then sundays are for lesbians

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For me, on top of everything else that's unforgivable about this country, it will always come down to this:

In 1898, Puerto Rico finally gained (some) autonomy from the Spanish Crown, with the possibility of greater independence in the near future.

Twenty-nine days later, the United States arrived and recolonized the place, and 122 years later, after wounding, killing, infecting, sterilizing, neglecting and otherwise abusing thousands of my people, we're still a colony.


dont worry kitten, daddy will be on discord soon ;)

whats up everyone welcome back to another episode of secular gaming


Media commentators shouldn’t say that trump is using a racist/fascist “dog whistle” - because he’s actually been saying the quiet part out loud the whole time.

veggie tales only did old testament stories because they felt depicting christ as a vegetable would be blasphemy

code geass 

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