I'm listening to the Punch Up the Jam episode about Like a Prayer and Miel and Brian knew the song was "controversial" but both were surprised to learn that the Pope condemned it and Pepsi dropped Madonna over it, so I guess no scandals ever mean anything, a valuable lesson for me

I'm going to listen to the Old Town Road episode now, this will be the first time I've heard the song

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Holy shit this song is bad, guys, what the hell

THIS is the song people were talking about for months???

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@Louisa I think it’s one of those songs that can only be appreciated while drunk and grinding on a stranger.

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@Louisa I just assumed that I wasn’t gay or fun enough for it. It’s so completely not made for me I feel like I can’t evaluate it, but yeah, it seems pretty simple and that also you could just be listening to Pony.

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