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I'm extraordinarily glad this pandemic didn't happen before I got clean-except-pot. This much time alone in an apartment when I drank and abused pills would have been... bad.

If anyone ever wants to talk, DMs are open.

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There's this kind of Consumer-Calvinism that a lot of us have picked up where you lack virtue if you aren't going out and having fun in really impressive ways.

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"Oh sky

So copless

So jailless

So full of Universe" - Ignatz Mouse

(George Herriman)

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There's an episode of the old Nickelodeon cartoon Doug where his art teacher says "I don't know what I like, but I know what art is" and I think about that at least once a week.

something that WP are always missing from their analysis when they [mis]use intersectionality is their..whiteness. It's often a footnote. "i'm at several intersections" .. we all are, thats not novel.

But if you dont include your whiteness as part of your initial analysis, its not being done correctly. What I see is WP using intersectionality & putting their whiteness to the side, which intersectionality was never meant to do in the first place.

One of the most earnestly good people I know, a writer who is the kind of white guy you just know would have been a Freedom Rider, made a very good podcast about the mysteries surrounding the assassination of MLK:

that town in Footloose was 100% right when they banned dancing. they pinpointed the underlying structural cause of criminal activity

A "new" type of older guy! --who writes on the internet-- and *peppers* their "prose" with "way" too much *emphasis* and "punctuation"!

I guess the problem with the bad boys doing bad things movies is that capitalist cinema just can't condemn its protagonists all that much. It has to indulge. Without wish fulfillment, there's not many tickets sold.

I was in a therapy group with someone who had gotten out of the mob in Jersey once. It didn't really sound very cool or fun or cinematic.

movies about bad people 

Movies where you spend an hour and a half having a great time with characters who do really bad things and then 20 minutes watching a moral third act that says "don't do that" are an interesting question, right?

Most of the time my opinion is "it's a movie, quit trying to turn everything into liberal Veggietales" and that the rise and fall of a compelling bad person is a fine narrative.

But sometimes it is kinda like a Johnny Cash album where there's 9 songs about being a badass outlaw and one Christian one to keep Nashville happy. Like... the fig leaf isn't fooling anyone.

I don't think Scorsese has ever crossed the line, but there are some movies that do, for sure. The big one I've soured on is A Clockwork Orange. Pure indulgent fantasy, even if it is an all time great visual & audio production. Like what's the message? "Rape and ultraviolence are vividly awesome and society is even more monstrous than you are when they try to stop you?" What's that?

INT is knowing that the Luddites were wrong, WIS is knowing that the Luddites were right

Yep, that’s me. I’ll bet you’re wondering how I got here. Well, it’s a funny story about being the coolest guy in the world that you should definitely seek to emulate because things work out great (except for this part and a few other small things.

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The "it's not a coup" discourse is infuriating.

It's an escalation. The most important thing isn't to pinpoint exactly how much of an immediate threat January 6th and related near-term fallout are, the most important thing is to try to ask what the next escalation looks like.

The FBI is visiting leftists/anarchists across the country, claiming they're trying to 'help prevent violence' and their targets 'aren't in trouble.'

*Never talk to the feds or cops. Ever.*

Nothing you say will help you or your comrades. Don't even talk to them about your enemies. They'll know you're a rat who is willing to talk and they'll come back to you for more, as often as they want.

Fuck the feds. Fuck state repression. Fuck the state.

And for the next trick in my “becoming a boring middle aged guy” routine: admitting to myself that weed kinda makes me feel listless and shitty more often than not.

*slams my fist into the ground, creating a large shockwave* IM NOT FOR EVERYONE AND THATS OKAY

Nothing encourages my nascent religious tendencies quite so much as this kind of bullshit

My favorite thing is people fantasizing about murdering Reagan even though hes been dead for almost 20 years

He's just that rancid

I miss having art in my life. It's frustrating.

— Mosus Thadustuth, hammerer

uspol, stolen birdsite post no screenshot because dude why 

If you pay restaurant workers a 15 dollar minimum wage, their boss won't be able to afford a bunch of tactical gear and a plane ticket to Washington DC.

(from @TheBenNatan on birdsite)

punk rock levels are 99% and steady

(99%) ■■■■■■■■■□

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