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"Oh sky

So copless

So jailless

So full of Universe" - Ignatz Mouse

(George Herriman)

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Jinkers! ... a .. a .. a .. Spector!?

Rats right, Raggy... Rommunism!

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There's an episode of the old Nickelodeon cartoon Doug where his art teacher says "I don't know what I like, but I know what art is" and I think about that at least once a week.

Among my greatest quiet little accomplishments was getting the happy hour regulars in a bar in Georgia to toast Sherman on the 150th anniversary of the burning of Atlanta.

A hipster bar in a progressive town, to be sure, but still

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Absolutely blessed schadenfreude from the (706).


John Brown's Body Lies a-moldering in the Grave!

His pet lambs will meet him on way

They will hang Jeff Davis to a sour apple tree!

His Truth Is Marching On!

hahahahahahahah, eat a dick. Sherman did nothing wrong.

lategame in Stellaris / 4X games in general 

Stellaris is basically the only game I've played for the past 4-5 months, so clearly I'm digging it, but I reeeeeally wish it had better victory conditions or at least declare you winner once you've beaten the end game crisis and have as much diplomatic weight as the other civs combined.

I keep hitting a point where I've won, but I have to manage unemployed pops for 60 more years actually win and just wind up playing "How many ring worlds can I fill?" etc.

I guess a lot of 4X games have this problem In Civ 5 I eventually just declared myself winner if I hit the industrial revolution first and was significantly ahead in score. I never once lost after that point, even on higher difficulty.

if you are white and were okay with biden before but not paired with harris i find that extremely sus

The thing that was cool about Serial 

The best part about Serial wasn't the murder, it was how it was a preserved-in-amber time capsule of being 17 in 1999. Like how they were sharing a cell phone and trading it off over the course of a day.

Remember how those kids could all weirdly remember the exact layout of the Best Buy they hung out at even though it was 15 years later (nothing is more 1999 than hanging out at Best Buy)? Like they still knew exactly where the trash cans had been and shit?

Yeah. I bet they also still remembered where the security cameras were if you catch my meaning. Everyone ripped that place off. Fuck $17 for a CD.

God help me I do not want to be "forever young." The town I live in is filled to the brim with 45 year olds who want to be 29 forever. It is not charming.

Life happens in chapters and turning the pages is positive.

I couldn't sleep at all with all the noise. Not that it's your business! Harumph!

— Stukos Inodkulet, Peasant

I was 17 when the Seattle WTO protests happened and I just knew that was my team. To whatever extent that I am a radical (that's really for others to judge), I was never really radicalized, I just kind of grew into it without ever having been much of anything else.

@bulkington I wonder if anyone did one to bruce springsteen the ghost of tom joad.. Would love to see if their reaction is the same as mine when the night watchman plays.. 😁

Really it is perfect content.

Formerly cool 40 year olds desperately need to feel like the stuff we invested ourselves in so deeply wasn’t just forgettable trivia. All of us have had the experience of trying to get a younger person to sit through Teenage Riot or whatever and confirm that we’re still in some way relevant. The reaction videos are pure, powerful wish fulfillment for people whose youth is sunsetting.

Except the Rage Against the Machine ones. Those are all real. Let me have this.

I think the all the kids on YouTube, especially the black kids, who pretend to hear boomer music for the first time and act like they’re really into it are running a fantastic grift and I fully support it.

list of nations that suck (incomplete):


really hard day at the swinging a hammer at a big block of steel factory. boss says if i keep at it ill be the guy in a hardhat posing heroically

Children are correct and pizza kicks ass, but is there anything else you have to eat that much of to feel full?

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