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I'm extraordinarily glad this pandemic didn't happen before I got clean-except-pot. This much time alone in an apartment when I drank and abused pills would have been... bad.

If anyone ever wants to talk, DMs are open.

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There's this kind of Consumer-Calvinism that a lot of us have picked up where you lack virtue if you aren't going out and having fun in really impressive ways.

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"Oh sky

So copless

So jailless

So full of Universe" - Ignatz Mouse

(George Herriman)

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Jinkers! ... a .. a .. a .. Spector!?

Rats right, Raggy... Rommunism!

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There's an episode of the old Nickelodeon cartoon Doug where his art teacher says "I don't know what I like, but I know what art is" and I think about that at least once a week.

So have we determined if the New Yorker guy spaced out while looking at porn in another tab or was he doing online Louis C.K.?

I can sorta see how the former could happen. I've got really bad ADD, haven't been on a date in well over a year, and I am keeping a very strict separation of roles for my two computers.

I'd like to read more about Gorbachev and what his specific goals were. I know it didn't turn out anything like how he wanted it.

What I've gotten from the one real book on the era I've read is that he was hoping to keep the large-scale Soviet economic structure, the state ownership of the commanding heights, universal employment etc., but with robust civil liberties and a Scandinavian middle class way of life for the workers.

That sounds fucking dope to me. It sounds like the kind of world the actually existing people I know in my real life would really love to live in. Too bad he trusted capitalists to help him get there.

When u think about it.. this website is basically like a masto meetup.. but online

I have never been able to afford therapy or medication. But I still believe that you are still responsible for how you treat other people. You don’t get to abuse people because of your mental health. I had to teach myself the hard way how to cope with my myriad of undiagnosed issues. It sucks and it’s hard, and I think we should have a lot of understanding, but that still does not excuse abuse

pol, Bolivia, Elon Musk 

now that Musk’s "we will coup whoever we want" tweet is back in the discourse for rightful mockery, one thing that strikes me is that he's responding to a tweet about "the U.S. govt organizing a coup", and he answers with "we".

Musk is not in the U.S. govt, & he is originally South African. but he didn't think twice in attributing coups to "we".

because the instigator is not exactly the U.S., or the govt; but the owner class. "we" here means owners of capital.

popular linux command 'cd' is short for 'check dick'

Fucking god, people I know on Facebook, all Kanye West is doing is stealing shitpost nihilist votes away from Trump. It is helllllllla racist to assume black people are going to fall for his shit.

what's my hope for the future? that all the rich people go to mars and then we stop sending them food

My QAnon theory is some clever character in Iraq came up with a scheme to get rich selling Dinar to Americans and now they're just having fun and running with it.

I don't trust the DoJ anti-trust against Google searches because I just don't think they will do nearly enough and may have some other goal in mind rather than monopolistic practice

Being an average developer 

I'm impressed by the really into it coders on here. People who just dive into open source projects and the really deep, difficult aspects of coding. People who finish up writing code for money and then turn around and light github up green with really involved personal projects. There's a lot of game devs on here and I know that stuff is a real challenge. Y'all are how the cool stuff gets made.

Not me. I could. I had an easy time with computer science classes and have from time to time done hobby projects that were conceptually difficult. I got a wild hair once and wrote a recursive descent parser in clojure. It was neat, but most of the time I'd rather paint or do something else.

I just bang out web and app framework shit as a gun for hire. I learn new skills when I need to, and I only hobby program every once in a while.

I could be a better dev. But I don't owe my job my free time. You don't need to feel guilty about it not being a passion.

@starwall I can't easily search up my old posts to self-boost, so I just repeat myself every so many months.

Italians: "Ey gabagool"

H.P. Lovecraft: "This is like something out of a nightmare"

Imagine how hard it must have been to take dudes from the Lincoln Brigade. Just imagine that many 1930s Brace Beldens.

honestly i am 10000% an advocate of figuring out how to spin your geeky hobbies into managerspeak so you can slap it on a resume

someone who organizes a weekly raid night in a guild in an mmorpg has fucking legit management skills, folks

especially if they did that shit in WoW back in the days when the raids were 40 people

*Grinning like a child* You hate to see it

*Loudly slurping the bottom of a soda through a straw* Oof, they are having a bad time.

*Just devouring fistfulls of popcorn* Oh my heart goes out, how embarrassing.

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