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I'm extraordinarily glad this pandemic didn't happen before I got clean-except-pot. This much time alone in an apartment when I drank and abused pills would have been... bad.

If anyone ever wants to talk, DMs are open.

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There's this kind of Consumer-Calvinism that a lot of us have picked up where you lack virtue if you aren't going out and having fun in really impressive ways.

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"Oh sky

So copless

So jailless

So full of Universe" - Ignatz Mouse

(George Herriman)

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There's an episode of the old Nickelodeon cartoon Doug where his art teacher says "I don't know what I like, but I know what art is" and I think about that at least once a week.

“No Blood for Oil” and “We’re the real terrorists” were just stuff Democrats would say. Like all the time. And it was pretty much a given that the Bush’s and the Bin Ladens were in complete cahoots. The lack of a coherent socialist movement was a bummer, but there were some pretty rad beliefs flowing through the air that kind of mostly went away.

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A cool thing about the 2000s was how “Bush did 9/11” was a very mainstream liberal belief, as was the belief that the Bush family itself was an inter-generational arch-conspiracy to achieve fascism in the US. You’d hear that from middle-aged suburbanites. It’s a shame that that run of the mill blue voters and blogger/Twitter types have disavowed all that because it’s all true.

Ruminating, exes 

People who date me tend to like me a lot but realize they need to keep me at arms length. I’ve got some real knotty emotional health issues that I do my best with and am now really working on, but they’re there in a big way.

Despite not having not-toxic relationships, a lot of my best friends are exes or people I almost dated. Even my abuser, with a lot of cautious distance.

With 7 years apart now, I can safely say that despite treating me in an inexcusable way, she did care and does care about me. She’s apologized. I have too. She was the one friend who called me unprompted when I was in the mental hospital. That earns a kind of tense once-a-year hangout in my book, it mattered to me a lot.

Exes are certainly the friends that have given me the truest advice.

“Whiskey hates you.”

“You’re one of those people who is better at hard things than at easy things.”

“You have too many ways to say ‘I don’t like myself’”

“Read the Wikipedia page for self-care. Slowly.”

awww cute robot dancing cant wait to see them use it to automate police brutality

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some french billionaire died, hell yeah

i hate pranks so instead of april fools day we should have april cools day, where everyone is really chill all day long

My skills include complaining and creating problems to complain about.

Does the IRS charge you for an audit? Like could I just call them up and be like “I am... not an ADD basket case who cannot keep any official paperwork of any kind straight, I am a dastardly cheat. Please do not come figure out what I owe and then tell me.”

set theory is just deep lore for mathematics, the only reason you need to know it is if you plan on editing the fandom wiki

Too weird for the happy normies, too square for the beautiful freaks.

i think all my posts are better if you listen to (or imagine) the first 15 seconds of 'you can call me al' before you read them

Saying "go back to the shadows" to tech bros the same way Gandalf said it to the Balrog

They should have just switched to Xenix as their base OS when the 386 hit, so much would be better if they had. But the legacy of the Quick and Dirty Operating System lives on.

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Hilarious that Windows still has two distinct and incompatible command line environments. I don’t hate that, really. It has been demonstrated to me how Powershell can be pretty cool, but also it would break my heart a little if Windows ever totally ditched the DOS prompt.

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Wiped my system clean to get rid of an overly elaborate partition scheme and setting up a Windows dev box. I work on a lot of different platforms, so there’s a lot to set up. This is an oddly soothing process.

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