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There's an episode of the old Nickelodeon cartoon Doug where his art teacher says "I don't know what I like, but I know what art is" and I think about that at least once a week.

"What is the social construction standing on?"

"You're very clever, young man, very clever," said the old lady. "But it's social constructions all the way down!"

Yesterday was two and a half years without a drink. I could *almost* say without a drop, but one time I had to spit out a mouth full of vodka and soda because a bartender misheard an order.

turning a big dial taht says "Leftist Theory" on it and constantly looking back at the audience for approval like a contestant on the price is right

Instantly believing the worst claims about vaping because I'm old and I think it looks dumb.

Hey can someone cancel me real quick? Testing something.

Ahahahahah, my emotionally abusive ex is hinting that she and her boyfriend who is an even bigger asshole might want a place to stay for a trip to New York.

I've forgiven her and am at peace with that chapter in my life, but fuuuuuuuuuck no.

A kind of hell would be for those old enough to have to go back and listen to their "leftist" conversations from the 90s or 00s.

The current and future generations are fine though. We've figured out all the correct opinions now.

I have improved my discipline. I am very satisfied.

— Urdim Idennebél, Wrestler

The presidential election will be held on November 1464th, 2016.

The last relationship I was in before I stopped drinking ended when she ditched me for a guy named Evan Williams and one of my best friends is a polyamorous part-time massage therapist named Chad. I live in a novel and it isn't very good.

ok listen, usually this shit is just pedantry and I'm happy to let it slide, but I need y'all to understand that "this person was hanged" is the correct way to describe an execution, and has an extremely different meaning from "this person was hung"

and the same argument from sports about it filtering down to teens still applies. Look at all those dystopian love triangle YA adaptations.

I wonder if steroid & growth harmone abuse in hollywood is ever going to become a moral outrage. Do people really believe that all these theater nerds are getting jacked like Greek statues naturally when there is no testing and no regulation?

@remulacfrommars Leave it to the New York Times to humanize the modern day gestapo.

Most of European history is an extended family squabble over the terms of Charlemagne's will.

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