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I'm shitty at painting hands so I've been working at a few for practice. here's one.

There was a funny two year window after CD Burners became consumer technology and before the meteor called Napster slammed into the earth where you'd find yourself doing things like paying $25 at an indie store for a bootleg CD-R of Tigermilk.

What should be the next album I live toot be?

1. The Microphones - the glow pt 2
2. Belle and Sebastian - if you're feeling sinister
3. Modest Mouse - Moon and Atarctica

Bisexuals who are accused of “not being bi enough” are brought before the Bibunal of Sexuality and judged based on their dating history. If they haven’t dated a perfectly equal number of men and women, then their LGBTQ credentials are revoked.

Sad but this is just how it is. As we all know, sexuality is a rigid chart.

people think that because Waterworld was a commerical flop, it was an artistic failure. not the case at all.

Mad Max ranking:

Road Warrior
The video for "California Love"
Fury Road
Mad Max

none of them are bad

I don't really miss practical special effects, I miss physical sets.

Reading the Epistles as community organizing drama.

I have mastered organization. That was not satisfying.

— Cerol Athellektad, manager

I wrote a bio so self-deprecating that people actually assumed I was someone else making fun of me

While putting my "fresh from the dryer" sheet back on my bed, it had the nerve to ask this question:

I'll never write it, but since forever I've had this fan-fiction idea where Don Draper retires to Florida and breaks Blanche Devereaux's heart.

That Wimbledon / Woody Harrelson clip is real life Simpsons.

If white men are so good at programming, why are most bugs written by them

[ confused straight person meeting a lesbian couple voice ] "Yeah so like... which one of you is Tegan and which one of you is Sara"

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