You should have to personally tell your neighbors and put a sign in your yard if you have one of those video doorbells, or any other kind of surveillance equipment

@brogepi I think you should have to give your neighbors bb guns if you have one.

@brogepi and ur delivery driver ffs. whenever I see those things I cover my face with my hat, shove the pizza bag in front of the camera/doorbell, and bang on the door with my fist. not sorry I don't want my face getting pumped through algorithms and sent off to the cops cuz YOU wanted a pizza.

@fr33l0 Spending hundreds of dollars and submitting you, your family’s, and hundreds of strangers’ faces to Amazon, Google, the cops, etc to *maybe* deter someone from stealing a package off your porch is bananas

@brogepi @fr33l0 my neighbors are upset because people sometimes climb our fence to smoke crack or take other drugs. They think cameras will deter this. I think that cameras might not rank as a terribly highly as a concern of a person engaging in these activities.

@brogepi @fr33l0 what I don't understand is why the hell all of this actually has hardcoded addresses for someone else's servers in it for no good reason whatsoever. Why can't you self-host this thing? Why can't you have a server at home for this thing? It's not like technology is not there. This needless centralization just pisses me off.

@brogepi I want to go home and ask my neighbors if they have one...

@brogepi my neighbors with surveillance cams have the signs! they also have "no trespassing" signs.

@brogepi my neighbors at my mom's house started putting cameras pointing at our front yard because my sister world argue with my mom and they wanted total silence in the neighborhood. You could see 3-4 cameras in their window. They had to plant trees in the yard to make it hard to see

@brogepi in the UK, the law days that any cameras that point beyond your property line do require signs. You also need to have a justification for why you're recording and can be asked to provide it.

In the EU, anyone you film can ask for the footage in writing. At least one feature film has been done this way, but i don't know the name of it.

@brogepi depending on the country its required and/or illegal. Under the GDPR its, without a possible consent or information, afaik already illegal in the EU.

@brogepi Or rather aim them so that they cover your yard *only*.

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