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There is a sense of great longing in this picture of the monster truck Bigfoot on the beach

“Whatcha doin Bigfoot?”

“Dad...dad...dad...hey dad...hey...dad...hey dad...dad”

Therapist: Bigfoot Presents Meteor And The Mighty Monster Trucks isn’t real. It can’t hurt you.
Bigfoot Presents Meteor And The Mighty Monster Trucks

Love this picture from our last family reunion 😊

Comin outta my cage and I’ve been doin just fine

Hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave

Bigfoot worked on bigself, and made changes for the better. Bigfoot is happier, now, and ready to face whatever obstacles (crushed cars)

*extremely 50’s school film voice*
“Why, the Bigfoots of the 21st century may even be powered by...electricity!”

Bae: Come over.
Bigfoot, The Monster Truck: I can’t. There’s a downed airplane blocking my path.
Bae: My parents aren’t home.
Bigfoot, The Monster Truck:

It’s so important to know your angles and find your light

Bigfoot, the self-titled debut album by Bigfoot, featuring the hit single Big Foot in stores September 22

“Ope! Sorry! Just gonna scoot past you there.”

Bigfoot Christmas to all, and to all a good night

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@baronnarcveldt the kind of quality craftsmanship you’d expect from Bigfoot 4x4, Inc

@brogepi I'm gonna be real upset if that big ass truck doesn't have nuts on it.

@brogepi I had the same idea - I know what boat that is, but I would keep it 'stock' lot closer to the road, like spongebob

@brogepi how many bats tall is it? I assume that's how you'd measure it

@brogepi Bigfoots longing for it's forbidden lover, a cargo ship named Big Fish.

@brogepi “Looking for the right partner to really rev me up”
Likes: long drives on the beach, crushing cars, sick jumps, Game of Thrones.
Dislikes: Grave Digger fans, Liberals, Obama.

@brogepi as if it just watched its best bud, a great white shark, swim off, and not know when, or even if, they will return.

@brogepi man can you imagine how much redneck clout you would command if you piloted the BIGFOOT mech

@brogepi you're in GameStop and this truck slaps you're gf's ass, wyd?

@brogepi I love that this has been happening for five hours

@brogepi if you told me this was a burger records release I would 100% believe it

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