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There is a sense of great longing in this picture of the monster truck Bigfoot on the beach

“Whatcha doin Bigfoot?”

“Dad...dad...dad...hey dad...hey...dad...hey dad...dad”

Therapist: Bigfoot Presents Meteor And The Mighty Monster Trucks isn’t real. It can’t hurt you.
Bigfoot Presents Meteor And The Mighty Monster Trucks

Bigfoot worked on bigself, and made changes for the better. Bigfoot is happier, now, and ready to face whatever obstacles (crushed cars)

*extremely 50’s school film voice*
“Why, the Bigfoots of the 21st century may even be powered by...electricity!”

Bae: Come over.
Bigfoot, The Monster Truck: I can’t. There’s a downed airplane blocking my path.
Bae: My parents aren’t home.
Bigfoot, The Monster Truck:

It’s so important to know your angles and find your light

Bigfoot, the self-titled debut album by Bigfoot, featuring the hit single Big Foot in stores September 22

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@baronnarcveldt the kind of quality craftsmanship you’d expect from Bigfoot 4x4, Inc

@brogepi I'm gonna be real upset if that big ass truck doesn't have nuts on it.

@brogepi I had the same idea - I know what boat that is, but I would keep it 'stock' lot closer to the road, like spongebob

@brogepi how many bats tall is it? I assume that's how you'd measure it

@brogepi Bigfoots longing for it's forbidden lover, a cargo ship named Big Fish.

@brogepi “Looking for the right partner to really rev me up”
Likes: long drives on the beach, crushing cars, sick jumps, Game of Thrones.
Dislikes: Grave Digger fans, Liberals, Obama.

@brogepi as if it just watched its best bud, a great white shark, swim off, and not know when, or even if, they will return.

@brogepi you're in GameStop and this truck slaps you're gf's ass, wyd?

@brogepi I love that this has been happening for five hours

@brogepi if you told me this was a burger records release I would 100% believe it

@brogepi personally I think it was disrespectful for Bigfoot to jump flight 93

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