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[me halfway through flushing a broad leaf fern] ah dammit

Have y’all heard about this show where they go places just so this guy can get stung by scorpions and jellyfish or whatever?

No one in the world has more fun at their job than Doug Marcaida

Staying in the hot tub for longer than the recommended length of time?

Putting together a task force to determine what that smell is

Extremely fucked up that I’ve already been awake for 6 1/2 hours

Hello from scenic Southwest Florida, where we are tracking unconfirmed sightings of Vacation Boy

I went to bed at 9:00 how did this happen to me

Shout out to me, the guy who is up at 530 after 3 hours of sleep, to go on vacation

I don’t think we talk about how fucked up it is how big so many of the Looney Tunes are

Someone please make a Werner Herzog is All Elite Photoshop

I would like to watch WrestleMania with Werner Herzog

The Credits for the newest Call of Duty include credits for something called the Call of Duty International Business Unit

JoJo spoilers 

You’re telling me red beans anded this rice

@Pixley Buzzy Cohen has his own fucking collection of episodes on Netflix

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