Tfw froggy goes a-courtin and he does right

BAD King Wenceslas (he’s hot and has a big ass)

:drake_dislike: A regular Christmas time
:drake_like: A wonderful Christmas time

DPRK stands for Donkey “Pretty Ricky” Kong

ENTIRELY too much conversation happening in this bathroom right now

I was gonna say that wrestling fans deserve better than David Bixenspan, but that’s absolutely not true

Proud to be the only person in a stable relationship who listens to The National

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Up close an personal with the baby this afternoon

in case you were still wondering what praxis is, it's accidentally nerfing your friend in the eye and getting in a fight about it

🎶 Ellen L Ripley
🎶 runs from an alien while the Nostromo explodes
🎶 airlock unloads

I have thoughts about a post I’ve just seen. I will not be posting them at this time. Thank you for your understanding

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