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Trolls World Tour director Walt Dohrn looks like all 3 McElroy Brothers morphed into one person

It will never not bum me out that Undertaker is a True Believer MAGA guy

Just now heard the shitty little turntable scratches on Brock Lesnar’s theme for the first time. Empty arena wrestling was a mistake

Please someone talk to me about what just happened with John Cena and Bray Wyatt

I appreciate all Edge has done to come back to wrestle. But you can’t be 46 with a wife and two kids and calling yourself The Rated R Superstar

“I have a voice that is my savior hates to love and loves to hate” really makes you think

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Anyway, have y’all heard about Shitting In Your Pants? Seems bad

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We simply love working from home (selfie, eye contact)

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“I like to eat big turds. And, honestly, small turds to.” President Donald Trump, from the Rose Garden just now

They’re really putting up some bricks here on night two of WrestleMania!

Cool that WWE pushed two very good NXT women’s wrestlers only to have them lose their big WrestleMania matches! Smart, good stuff that just makes sense!

They are for real playing the exact same intro for night 2 of WrestleMania as they did for night 1 because of course they are

People who buy thousands of turnips at a time in Animal Crossing should be shunned from society

When y’all see this in 45 minutes, please tell me a good place to create a new account

AJ Styles vs Undertaker in a Boneyard Match

I have just heard the phrase “British Summer Time”

Against my better judgement I am excited for WrestleMania. It’s going to be a shitshow, but it might be interesting

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