Sometimes you just need to have some good sex to get a good night’s rest.

Goodnight y’all! Have a wonderful evening/day :heart_bi:

Here’s my friend’s neighbor. Her name is Rocky Road and I love her

I have all this time alone to do work and here I am, watching YouTube and debating on eating

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you come into my house. on the day of my daughters wedding. and you ask me to stan loona?

Airports are wild, a bunch of old ladies accompanied me through TSA and told me where to go and now I have a birthday cake pop while the plane is getting a maintenance check.

Wild birthday so far y’all

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Seeking Intersex/XXY groups/resources 

My girlfriend is XXY and has found a lot of differences in her journey and outlook compared to typical trans experiences. I was wondering if there are any groups or resources focused or strongly featuring Intersex and XXY people and their stories?

Slight preference toward groups, as I think she is really craving community right now, but certainly happy to get any resources as well!

Boosts more than welcome.


I’ve officially been alive for 19 years now.

I wanna nap for my birthday

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know the difference.
weezer - band
weedza - weed pizza

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Shh... don't tell anyone, but this morning I'm feeling lithely bisexual.

Me: Wow I can get a few more hours of sleep tonight!
My fucking dorm building alarm, at 4 in the morning: That’s cute

And we’re never gonna know what happened to set off the alarm. Yee haw

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Fellas: is it gay to galvanize? You're literally stimulating to action 😔

“Girls are so hot wtf”~My brain as I’m trying to go to bed at a reasonable time

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if capitalism is so good why isnt there a sequ- OH GOD, OH NO

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Currently up playing a cat collector game and trying to get back into Achievement Hunter.

Sleep can wait another hour or five

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