Cursed Lewd Politics 

cursed religious sign? 

Flying for the first time to go back to college on Sunday and I’m excited/scared :D

Boyfriend and I saw an ex crush of mine today and he said “wow he looks like a failed soccer player fuckboi” and it was so...accurate?

Lewd mistake I almost made 

Lewd mistake I almost made 

I forgot that kids still have to do the pledge of allegiance everyday and wow I still hate it

It’s a cold morning near the beach, and I’m an exhausted gay waiting for work to start

Gonna go to work tomorrow with a mango energy drink for breakfast and eat at a close family friend’s restaurant that I haven’t been to since I was 12 or so. Hella excited 💜

selfies, ec (boosts+++) 

advice for children 

Death to America but also you can never get me to use metric

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