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The greatest threat to life on this planet isn't war, or famine, or disease, or global warming
It's me, if Cat Island is ever destroyed due to war, or famine, or disease, or global warming

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insane that Jeremy Soule wrote Don't Fear The Reaper just for Prey

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"Lord of the Rings will... be coming to Magic: The Gathering... getting a full expansion"
Since Middle-earth is the mythological past of regular Earth someday soon you reading this will technically be part of Magic canon

feeling second-hand nostalgia for 13 year old multiplayer-only games that i never found out about until they were already dead

Sean Murray will not stop until the zeitgeist of World of Warcraft bends to his will

PogChamp? That's pretty DansGame dude. LUL

liberally confusing cultural touchstones like "vaguely italian word? ah yes, as in the famous artist"

copyleft: cc0
copy: MIT
copyright: Adobe

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cool old game 

Oh hell yes! I found it. Grid Wars 2.

Remember Geometry Wars for XBox? It was a pretty good minimalist arcade shooter with a good aesthetic.

It was also an achievable game for an amateur to make so there were a whole lot of clones.

One of them was special.

There are lots of nice touches to Grid Wars 2 (2006), but the big feature is its black holes. They suck up enemies, and then blow up ejecting them at high speed. You can shoot them to shrink them back and when you destroy them, you get big points for how many enemies they ate.

The game quickly becomes entirely about the black holes, both farming them for points, but also keeping a manageable number around because the game's infinitely scaling difficulty becomes impossible without them eating up enemies. Trust me, it's a brilliant mechanic that the Microsoft game didn't have at all. MS eventually took it down.

There's a still-working mediafire link on this gitp forum post from 2014.

-, brouzouf reference 

dejecting to see people who appear to be self-made, and in the actual grungy scrabbling desperate-soul kind of way, casually mention buying stock at a young age
just feels really fucking bad
my legs are ok

the 1% are probably without a shred of irony saying to themselves and each other, "fucking gamestop"
i submit my final thesis that time is a flat circle

Feels kind of like "no one was assassinated at the Biden inauguration" is a sort of monkey's-paw-curling of "please just let Trump not be anywhere near this event"

he really puts the "wildcard" in "wild how this card hasn't been removed from the game yet"

"Amelie, thank god! I had a terrible dream! The car broke down in a lake, I had a job, and your mom got me a job working for the government!"

Hot Pockets recalled over potential consumption

the opposite of an anachronism is a normal

does anyone even know what a ghoul is

lmao "pirate" is a banned word on twitch polls

Jacob Rees-Mogg Revealed To Be Political Alter-Ego Of Jacob Rees-Moog, Heir to Moog Fortune, Victorian Beatsmith, Actual Victorian

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I want my tombstone to say "appearing as himself"

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