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this is the gamer girl bath water girl btw so im convinced shes just takin the piss outta thirsty gamerbros




just realised i chew everything including yogurt

"I think that's enough talk. It's time for the final exercise.
Sam, we need you to go West, and finish what Amelie started."

i will never in my entire life understand sneezes that are actually just coughs

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@healyn solstace is for people with souls. equinox is nitrous oxide for horses (equines). sorry for womansplaining but this is basic information that u need to know.

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“The phrase ‘robots are taking our jobs’ gives technology agency it doesn’t (yet?) possess, whereas ‘capitalists are making targeted investments in robots designed to weaken and replace human workers so they can get even richer’ is less catchy but more accurate.” This is a good read.

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trans people are funnier than cis people. no I’m not sorry and yes I do make the rules

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I am beginning the universe to leak Daemon X Machina I fucking need this game

calling it now, Death Stranding is game of the past 5 entire years

Grand Theft Environmental Slice-of-Life Parkour Souls: Cthulhu Skate 3 Edition


i cannot HECKING wait for this Death Stranding gameplay even though i won't be surprised by any of the mechanics
i am Homo ludens

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there is a dog in Daemon X Machina and you cannot pet it

this will not stand

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the hundred-acre wood has a bad case of irritable owl syndrome

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a funny post about how we're living in the age of the service industrial revolution with digital robber barons

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[COMMUNIST]: "Now...when baking the *perfect* cake, you wanna make sure u have all your ducks in a row: all your tools and ingredients ready at your disposal, and complete mastery over your kitchen..."

[ANARCHIST]: "...Although, sometimes, it's ok to improvise--because what actually matters in a cake is how good it tastes; so we wanna focus on the process of building it...*from the ground up*..."

*Each exchange passive aggressive looks, gritting their teeth while smiling*

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