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The greatest threat to life on this planet isn't war, or famine, or disease, or global warming
It's me, if Cat Island is ever destroyed due to war, or famine, or disease, or global warming

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insane that Jeremy Soule wrote Don't Fear The Reaper just for Prey

brian david gilbert is the zoomer generation's david bowie

there i said it

me to me:
heres some dunky donut
because your epicly dunking on landlords on reddit

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remember, capitalism is a negotiation between buyer and seller who haggle each in their own self interest to get the price to its “real” value

so when you’ve in the self-check out line, what you choose to scan or not scan and what they choose to security tag or not? all part of that negotiation

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there should be video game libraries. you should be able to check out a super nintendo from the library

the FUCKING COWARDS at reddit deleted /r/chapotraphouse
but not really
but still kinda

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bored? taking things apart can be a fun activity and a great way to improve yourself.

here's some things to try dismantling:

- an old radio
- a wall clock
- the police
- a wind-up toy

it has come to my attention that in Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure, Dr. Digestion's favourite movie is actually Rat Movie 2

everyone hating TLOU2 only makes me want to buy it more
(but i won't)

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covid is hitting the USA so hard at this point that half the population is gonna wanna put up a statue in its honor lmfao

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Wow, thanks github.

I'm literally trying to view a commit. That's abusive? and I get a 1 hour ban from github for it?


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if you dive too deep into TERF blogs, you get the gends

the world is so fucked that when i see a headline about someone being shot while doing a completely normal thing in broad daylight my first thought is "the shooter had better be a cop"

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apparently there are people who won't buy the PS5 purely because it doesn't go with their home decor?
i forgot there were people who were like this and i want to go back

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what if i streamed me playing dark souls for the first time after somehow having missed out on it this whole time

ha ha just kidding


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WOW i cant believe hatsune miku played drums in system of a down too. what an influential musician

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PSA You have to invoke your Miranda Rights.

If you are arrested or detained by any law enforcement, you have to evoke your Miranda rights to remain silent and request a lawyer, even if they read them out to you.

When you invoke your rights, make it as clear as possible. Be declarative and blunt. For example, say "I invoke my right to remain silent," or "I am choosing to remain silent." Requesting a lawyer can also work as long as you are be clear and leave no room for doubt.

After you made your statement, do not speak at all. If a new officer arrives or asks you questions, you can still remain silent (though I imagine it might help to reinvoke should the first officer "accidentally" forget to tell the new one). They will try and trick you too so stay firm.

I say this not because it guarantees anything, but it is also good tactics. Don't give them anything. You are protecting yourself and all those who protested with you by remaining silent.

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