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My soul is an ironic 8K UHD encode of the King of the Hill jpeg-corruption jpeg bit trying to stream to your bedroom tv while your entire family is torrenting The Mandalorian on 8 different devices

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if i like anti-fascist toots is Five Eyes gonna get me

if the first 5 or so tags of a steam game's store page don't address gameplay i'm instantly uninterested

In very specific order

Year Zero
The Downward Spiral
The Slip
The Fragile
Add Violence
Ghosts I-IV
Bad Witch
Pretty Hate Machine
Hesitation Marks

xbox using fucking Alan Watts as promotional material is philosophically offensive to me

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spending 200MB of extra disk space per album so i get slightly less high-frequency hiss

Directors who talk up their dev teams :blobcatmlem:

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sui joke 

Reggie's body in the house tonight
Gonna play the games and have a good time

Still mad that Jerma985 hasn't been nominated once

This stadia ad is an anti-joke gish gallop
There's too much to address

Just imagine if that whole Apex Legends skin reveal was just an ironic lead up to offhandedly announcing Titanfall 3
Hire me Respawn

Can't wait until I'm on the main stage 2 years from now shilling my Mario Party knockoff

Every time you drop from the Star Wars Fortnite bus you get a 15 second livestream of JJ Abrams' bedroom

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