semi monthly reminder that I'm never not in the market for an internet gf

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The kind of response you get depends if you're mono or not, I guess, I feel like you are but I'm happy to be told I'm incorrect.

relationship bs 

it's complicated

my brain revolves quite a lot. 90% of the time I want solitude. the 10% of the time I want something can be caused by social pressure or that weird automatic thought process.

also you're older than me and I'm not comfortable with large age gaps. at this point the range I'm comfortable with is 19-23

and for monogamy? my brain defaults to codependency. Either I'm a star on an independent trajectory or I'm getting manipulated. It's one or the other

that's kinda why in the end I just want to goof around in a semi-serious non committal high school sort of way. It's more about the larp than anything else

Does this make sense?

relationship bs 


Fair enough, sounds more like an R.A./rewriting the rules kind of situation you'd prefer them where it's not based on *the narrative* and social scripts we're told we have to follow in those kind of relationships.

I was trying my best to make the reply not sound like I was implying anything about me personally, but here I am, I guess. I'm more R.A. than polyam at this point anyway so whatever people tell me directly they're okay/not okay with I'll follow for the most part unless it's like super boundary crossing or whatever, that isn't me trying to have *that* kind of relationship with you by the way, that's just how I work with relationships in general. I do like you Avery, but if you don't want me to like be certain ways with you tell me and I won't 🙂

Ah, okay, I see and have been there before.

Yep and sounds like a perfectly valid thing to want 🙂

relationship bs 

@goodberry before I rise up on the planes: you're okay. It's okay to crush on me. I just don't want anyone to expect anything in return. This next part might be psychopathic but I genuinely feel like I become more powerful the more people have crushes on me.

you haven't done anything bad yet. My only hard boundary is like "don't tell me you're masturbating with me in mind unless I explicitly say it's okay. You can still do it as long as you don't tell me because it's extremely uncomfy for me"

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