Cis men really be like "Eew, cooking is feminine. I'll never cook" but are okay with microwaving a frozen pizza for every meal

@beegrrl I worked at this fancy meat & cheese & wine & other shit market and everybody there--staff, customers, whatever--addressed each other as "chef." Like "excuse me, chef" or "can you cut me a 1/4 lb of Ossau Iraty, chef?"

Later, I worked at some fairly vile restaurant, and, being back in the kitchen, I reflexively started calling everyone chef... They were real mad when I called somebody other than The CHEF, "chef."

@beegrrl maybe it's the aesthetics and imagery of wearing an apron or some social engineering program. Like the TV Mom thst triggers CIS. Yesterday I was proud of myself making a spirulina smoothie. I like my independence. Cooking to eat food to live isn't a gender issue but the basic motivation to live.

@beegrrl This makes me so sad. I don't get to very often, but when I do cook, I often pleased with the results.

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