I have good news: once my mom's ex husband gets all his shit out of our house. I'll have plenty of space for a room full of home servers

Anyone have any tips on running ethernet cables? he wouldn't let me run CAT-6 to the basement and install a decent switch because "You'll probably break something or burn down the house". It shouldn't be too difficult because the modem is fairly close to the stairs. The room underneath the stairs is unfinished and would be a good place for a noisey switch. From there it shouldn't be too hard to run to various rooms downstairs. This would greatly decrease the traffic over the airwaves and provide faster connections for the TV and game console downstairs.

is it bad practice to run it through the heat vents in the ceiling? asking because that would be so much easier and so much less commitment

@beegrrl don't run cables through vents, they will pick up tons of dust and cause issues, and in heat vents that means its also kindling for a fire.

@pequenopete @beegrrl Yeah except I'd just staple cables into the corners of the walls lol

@beegrrl passive air vents are completely fine for that kind of thing, but if they're connected to any kind of central heating avoid it

@beegrrl Through heat vents is a bad practice. I'm not saying people don't do it and by and large it does't cause their houses to catch fire immediately, but cheap cable through one might make the house burn faster. Cable rated to not catch fire and not give off noxious vapors is probably fine.

Can you avoid a noisy switch? Those fans are bad times.

So I'm going to fall in line with no HVAC as conduit. If you do, you absolutely must use plenum rated cable. You'll want a cable snake, a long drill bit (think > 24") and then do you want punch down wall plates to make things look good? Label those cables!! But coming down into the basement between walls is possible. I encourage you to spend a ton of time thinking about your routing and challenge yourself to come up with alternate routes. Wifi sucks!

Also try to be cognizant of the electrical in the walls. That is for your own personal safety! I've got a stud finder that will also tell me if there is electrical. Don't be afraid to commit, everyone secretly wants hard wired network cables. I don't know you so I don't know your skill sets but you really should buy a box of 1000' of your favorite cable. Don't scrimp on it, this is the backbone of your network. Rj-45 cable tester is a must! Good luck!!

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