food service? no thanks. I need to practice my C skills

also does anyone have good resources on learning about UNIX file descriptors, sockets, and device files?


For learning the lower level stuff in unix I found working with it at a high level first made it easier to understand. I tried getting into beej's guide to network programming, but the C parts were too dense. I ended learning Go and it provides abstractions that are easy to work with while being close to the underlying implementation. I recommend looking at Go's os and net packages. The source code is really helpful for understanding what's going on at a lower level.


For device files, I think (but never really looked into it) tldp is okay.

Of course, the ultimate source for learning how some of these things could be implemented is to look at a real implementation, and by that I mean the linux source code. disclaimer: I've never looked at it for very long, usually a response to stack overflow or something like that.

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