Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

@beegrrl is "i have no clue what any of these terms actually mean" a valid answer

@Felthry yes, but you're probably a zoomer if you don't know what you are

@beegrrl @Felthry okay but is zoomer gen z?? Cause ive not really heard that one. Im a 95 baby so like im the one on the edge of millennial and gen z... just depends on who you ask/what you - the researcher - are using as the cutoffs. Otherwise your basically only getting what people self-identify as.

@beegrrl What are you going with for the official X/millennial cutoff? Curious xennials need to know.

@beegrrl I see "that three year limbo period between generations" isn't an option

@beegrrl @mcmoots
Yea, I used to get really annoyed when people would tell me that I was a Boomer. I am an Gen X. My parents were boomer babies, so how could I be? Also it's looking a little confusing for the Gen Y / Z / Millennial crowd.

@randynose @mcmoots it's because the beginning and end of all our generations overlap so if you were born in the gray area you must decide for yourself

@beegrrl @mcmoots

LOL, It should be that way.
But like I said, it would annoy me when articles would say that the boomer generation was from 46 to 64. Almost a 20 year span. While others are in a 10 year span. No wonder there's so "many" boomers. It wasn't just the birth rate spike after WWII it was for a longer period of time also.

@beegrrl @mcmoots i really liked gen y… WHY??

etc… i got very confused when we were started getting called millennials

@mcmoots @beegrrl I also had this issue. Went with gen x in the end but I still kinda wish I could've picked both.

@natrix @mcmoots only one choice. In this poll the responses must be mutually exclusive

@beegrrl @natrix whoops too late. I picked millennial b/c Pew but culturally I'm probably more an X.

@mcmoots @beegrrl @natrix

This stuff gets so confusing. My Sis is 2 years older than me, so at the very tail end of Boomer but I can't imagine she really identifies with it. Suppose I could ask.

@beegrrl @mcmoots ok, rephrasing: I actually wish I could've picked xennial cause that's what I identify with most strongly

I feel too old to be millennial and prefer the idea of being x, but am too young to identify with any gen x culture stuff so it's always kind of a weird question for me

not trying to complain about how you structured your poll, just trying to give you extra information in case it's useful or interesting to you

@natrix @mcmoots @beegrrl Yeah, I'm... I really identify as Xennial, but went with X because I was X before there were Millenials. >.>

@beegrrl @Alamantus
As someone whose birthdate somewhat straddles the line between Gen X and Millenial, I wish my other account had poll support so I could just vote twice :P (Went with Millennial here since few definitions of Millenial used *these* days don't include my birthdate, now that we've gone back to the "came of age around the turn of the millenium" definition.)

@beegrrl Technically a millennial. Don't like the term, though.

@beegrrl Where's the option for "I'm technically a millennial, but I feel like a Gen X'er"? XD

@KitsuneAlicia @beegrrl it's called "im too old for this shit" (said in very raspy voice)

@beegrrl This poll is really about finding out how many people born during Reagan's first term are going to show up and bitch about the options.

Uuuuuh look at us! We're special! We played Oregon Trail and remember when the country wasn't at a war.

@bulkington sorry gamers, we only support the last 4 generations from the Wikipedia article

@bulkington all the xoomers I know irl are proto nazis so they are the antithesis of cool

@beegrrl White people in their 40s and 50s are always going to be a mostly shitty mixed bag. I have my doubts that future generations of middle aged white people will be dramatically better.

But things are improving. I don't want to call the white response to the Ferguson demonstrations *good* but it was a universe better than the white response to the 1992 Los Angeles demonstrations were.

@bulkington i always say that we're ultimately more divided by economic class than by generation.

@bulkington @beegrrl

Which meant movies like *Reality Bites* so Thank God THAT'S over. :P

Why do all options sound like the name of X-Men story arcs?

@beegrrl Gen-X because everyone else keeps ignoring them!


In the early 1950s, Hungarian photographer Robert Capa first used Generation X as the title for a photo-essay about young men and women growing up immediately following World War II. The term first appeared in print in a December 1952 issue of Holiday magazine announcing their upcoming publication of Capa's photo-essay.

There should be a category for "IDGaF" or I have no idea what I'm doing (insert suitable space animal meme)

I'm an older millennial, but I'm also an old soul, like I feel like I'd fit into the 60s.

@beegrrl These polls vary a lot. I suppose they really only show the age of the poster and their circle for the most part.

@beegrrl im on the borderline between millineal and zoomer so idk which one to pick

@beegrrl it want be very useful for the german population atleast. since some of the older people never learned english ;)

But actually "Xennial." Neither Gen X or Millennial seem quite right.

@beegrrl Tho does this even mean something besides the United States? Except the last two generation category.

Wenn die Umfrage komplett eskaliert.
Eine Verfeinerung und ein paar Infos hätten wahrscheinlich geholfen...

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