What *NIX camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible

This poll is extremely poor quality, where's tar.gzip, punchcards, BSD is sourced base, portage, list ad infinitum?
@beegrrl 2/10. I can't even vote if I .exe isn't a choice!

@IRC @xj9 sorry, fringe distros aren't allowed at the big kid's table :anidab_right:

@beegrrl wbout .DMG, a technical *nix? Darwin BSD is a popular *nix Apple Inc. sells.

@astheroth i'm not a man sooooooooo I use FreeBSD Like a real UNIX guru

It's close between Deb and Source based. I voted Arch. I haven't tried BSD though.

@VyrCossont yes because it's like 40% FreeBSD source code, but in all other senses I refuse to call it anything other than a bastardized BSD

@beegrrl Would be BSD, but it's got none of the desktop stuff. (Which makes total sense!) So, deb, I guess.

Although I do use OS X too, that's a BSD...

@IceWolf but both FreeBSD and OpenBSD have desktops and dbus, but lack any features requiring systemd (so basically this means GNOME is semi broken and they have to remove stuff to get it to build. See the steps for OpenBSD are similar


Gnome may be broken under #FreeBSD but, as far as I know, it's *not* broken under #OpenBSD ...

The dev have created shims under #OpenBSD to emulate the horror that is systemd.


@beegrrl if I've packaged rpm as a deb (building it from source), and that package was used with a bsd kernel, how should I vote?


@beegrrl BSD and also Manjaro Linux (Arch based) ATM. Might get boring and go back to Ubuntu again, it's the macOS of Linuxen, it Just Works.

@beegrrl I voted *BSD even though I do run Fedora and Slackware mainly on the Linux side. I guess Debian as well since I have OSMC running on a Pi2 and Pi0w.

@beegrrl why do you put arch with source based ?? arch is a binary distribution (with .xz packages)

you can allow multiple votes, i am in deb an rpm and bsd

Camp? Are you calling me a campy bitch? :ariel: :think_thounking:

@beegrrl None of the above? Slackware isn't source-based, per se.

@beegrrl nice poll, would be nice to know if the *BSD people are also "source based". I'm pretty much 100% "sourceBSD" these days.

@dch i like FreeBSD and it's pkg system. The ports tree is nice but my CPU gets too hot

@beegrrl yeah it would be nice if you could seed poudriere from upstream, and avoid compiling e.g. 6 compilers just to get some new shiny port you actually want

@beegrrl Was formerly a Whonix user too...well that's Debian-based also!

@beegrrl voted rpm but I use equal number of rpm and deb systems. It's just my deeply entrenched old beliefs that rpm is better. (They're just my beliefs mind you, not trying to start a religious war!)

Ironically for work I have to use Windows and Mac so majority of time lately there :(

@zladuric oof, I prefer .rpm systems but that's because all the major ones aren't broken hacked together systems like most of the Debianoids. That being said though, debian is really nice

Kinda uses all. just depends on what pc i am using atm.

@dym it does just werk, but I prefer a more traditional UNIX experience where everything just werks and I don't have to download my software from a sketchey website

@beegrrl installing 50 dependencies each of which can screw up your entire setup sure is fun on arch

@beegrrl that's why i don't anymore.
debian/ubuntu have the least amount of pain.

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