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How do I make money online with my full stack skillset? Sysadmin + programming is genuinely relaxing for me and I need a secondary income

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@IRC @xj9 sorry, fringe distros aren't allowed at the big kid's table :anidab_right:

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At 200 followers I'll open up an ssh server and give ya'll the login and let everyone go ham as it dies from multiple forkbombs and someone running "chmod / 777 && setenforce 0"

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here's my bandcamp. I ran out of room in my profile so I'm just gonna pin this post

FUCK webkit, me and my homies run gecko: the superior standards compliant web engine

Anyone know of good non-webkit browsers? I like firefox quite a lot but sometimes it feels just a little bit too heavy

If Linux is so good then why isn't there a Linux2 yet?

If GNU is so good then why isn't there a GNU2 yet?

If amd64 is so good then why isn't there an amd65 yet?

Should I start a tech podcast? Asking because there are about 20ish podcasts about Free Software and I work two jobs so I'm not sure I can make something good enough

@klaatu Episode 337 is really getting me thinking about how much time I spend playing quake instead of doing something useful. For a few weeks now I've been trying to figure out a way to track my productivity. I'll be sure to check out the acct commands, but I'll likely settle on some hastily written script. Systemd is nice and all, but if I want a time tracking program that works for most UNIX like systems it'll probably involve grabbing xorg window titles, cron jobs, .csv "databases" and R for processing the whole mess. If this ever materialises I'll be sure to let the fediverse know.

Either way, I enjoy the slackware package episodes quite a lot. Sometimes the tool I need already exists on my system and I just need to be made aware of it via Klaatu

Suggest some good DOS games that I should play.

I've already played through Doom, Quake, and Duke Nukem 3D so don't suggest these ones lol

Do I get a beeschurger for dinner or just go home and scrounge for leftovers?

Trump: I love the gays, they're really great, really brave
Also trump: *passes and promotes legislation that directly harms the queer community by allowing landlords, doctors, and employers to discriminate against us for housing, healthcare, and employment on the basis of "gay people are icky"*

Someone help me I am going insane because everyone is two faced

Linus from LTT is thinking about retiring

Linus please come back, we need your sex tips and also your kernel contributions

Dysphoria is a bitch

I just want to wear jeggings and a crop top sweater without worrying about it

Do you think Aleister Crowley had a cum eating fetish or was he just trying to scare off people who weren't hardcore enough to eat cum for magical purposes?

Vote to determine my fate

@klaatu Listening to episode 336 right now. I rarely use markdown except for emacs org mode. Emacs has the ability to export your org markdown files to HTML, standard markdown, LaTeX, and .odf. It's great for when you want to quickly create the skeleton of your document.

LaTeX is another good choice for document preparation. It does have somewhat of a learning curve but that's where TeX "IDEs" like kile and lyx come in. Once you get the hang of it TeX is no more difficult than HTML

Ya'll are invited to my chaos magick orgy. Please bring snacks and drinks because we'll have a banquet shortly before

Folk punk is literally just sea shanties for queer anarchist land pirates with heroin addictions

M$: hey google we're stealing your browser
M$: hey mozilla we're stealing your logo

For real though, learn web development. My brain can render HTML

Mircrosoft: we don't break backwards compatability as a tradeoff for security benefits except for we do break it (and userland) all the time

Linus: we don't break the userland. Fuck backwards compatibility, that's what LTS kernels are for. Upgrade to 5.4 for max security. You've been warned

Tldr: windows is an insecure clusterfuck (but this isn't really news. We've known this for 20 years)

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