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How do I make money online with my full stack skillset? Sysadmin + programming is genuinely relaxing for me and I need a secondary income

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@IRC @xj9 sorry, fringe distros aren't allowed at the big kid's table :anidab_right:

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At 200 followers I'll open up an ssh server and give ya'll the login and let everyone go ham as it dies from multiple forkbombs and someone running "chmod / 777 && setenforce 0"

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here's my bandcamp. I ran out of room in my profile so I'm just gonna pin this post

How do I find a comfy sysadmin job? Asking because I hate retail and I know that I've got more skills in me than the 40hr/wk customer service hellscape

Have the next 2 days off so it's trip time. Submit hard questions with answers that only become obvious when you take a step back from them and I'll ask the LSD gods for ya'll

Who actually uses apparmor over selinux? Asking because I'm legitimately curious

Might get into chugging because there's no better way to intimidate someone than chugging a 16 ounce redbull in 5 seconds

Hey, you are enough. You've only got one life so don't wast it putting on a facade to please others when your authentic self is more beautiful

i support a movement to delete your facebook account en mass, with all your friends

Probably gross, still funny tho 

Ya'll remember the pony express? That shit was badass

And I'll be the commune mom. I'll help everyone that I can, only asking for you to return what you have to those who need it if you're ever able to

Oh, It's gonna be a queer safe space too. nazis can't harass you when the house is guarded by big floofy dogs trained to attack white guys with shitty jawlines and the nazi undercut

High key want to start a commune or at least get enough people together to buy a house that'll be open to all who need it

It just hit me today

I am the homeless queer youth and young adult population

Normalizing girls with dicks and boys with vaginas will reduce harmful thoughts for kids. If you're a woman with a penis you're valid and I love you. If you're a man with a vagina you're valid and I love you. If you're nonbinary and have either a penis or a vagina you're valid and I love you. Stay alive friends :heart_trans: :heart_nb:

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