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Democrat in the streets, anarcho communist in the sheets

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here's my bandcamp. I ran out of room in my profile so I'm just gonna pin this post

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sorry ladies and gents, I'm only sexual attracted to gender nonconformity

Should I make a bot that mirrors my mastodon posts to twitter?

I'm gonna start tagging my posts so I can find them

Heterosexuality isn't real. Anyone who claims to be heterosexual is either mentally ill or lying for attention

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I am:

⚪ Male
⚪ Female
🔘 Known to the State of California to cause cancer

Tattoo ideas: I am obligated to get that one mountain goats lyric about making it through the year, but also I want one that says "no gods no masters"

Pop punk fuckers be like: my girlfriend broke up with me, what a bitch, fuck her she's the cause of my mental instability, now I'm going to kill myself because of her

And ya'll mfs out here trying to say that there's no problem with pop punk? Like listen to one song and you'll realize that it's bullshit

Taking applications and resumes for new friends. 1 year of gender nonconformity required, preferably more. Acknowledgement and acceptance of the shittiness that is pop punk culture required.

Please though I need friends who don't flip bits

Current mood: I said that straight edge "better than thou" people aren't really punk because being punk is about saying fuck the system. I then said pop punkers are misogynistic and that I will punch misogynistic pop punkers and everyone lost their shit

Time to find new friends I guess

The coroner's gambit is a fucking bop why did no one tell me about it earlier?

My prefixes is "Mx/Mxter" pronounced "mix" and "mixter" until further notice

Honestly, pop punk tends to be overwhelmingly misogynistic.

Catholics be like "we can't afford to repair our own church that burned down but we can afford the millions of dollars it costs to defend our sexually abusive and pedophilic clergy in court"

People are always talking about how they should start selling drugs to make some extra money, but like folks, think economically here: you can start a church, launder money, and it's 100% legal in the US so you won't have to worry about cops or bullshit drug raids

Current mood: the Republican party literally parallels the Nazi party and I can't help but think of ancom songs to write about it

Band named ideas (feel free to use them, just let me know first)
• bicycle pipe bomb
• civil war airforce academy
• firebomb the Pope
• black sheep worker's union
• liberation or starvation
• being punk is about being right

That feel when I'll never be that cool but slightly edgy and depressed girl who works with kids at a summer daycamp progeam and get to be an older sister figure for underprivileged kids

Guess I'll die

None of my friends are real ancoms because they're all rich assholes. They're liberals because the wealth we'd be redistributing is their wealth. Ya'll fuckers better get ready because I will not cease my voring of the rich for my friends

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