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@IRC @xj9 sorry, fringe distros aren't allowed at the big kid's table :anidab_right:

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At 200 followers I'll open up an ssh server and give ya'll the login and let everyone go ham as it dies from multiple forkbombs and someone running "chmod / 777 && setenforce 0"

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here's my bandcamp. I ran out of room in my profile so I'm just gonna pin this post

working on a php script to generate a grid of images from a directory. A few lines of PHP saved me hundreds of yanks and puts

sudo dnf install php -y

yeah, it's spaghetti code time 🍝

how the heck did I not have php installed on my laptop?

Are crypto traditing bots viable? And if so has anyone wrote one and threw it up on github?

Hey, please remind me to work on my game after work. Ya'll have to harass the heck outta me so I don't forget

I will be using KDE for a week and reviewing it .

Thank god I didn't get sugar yet :blobsweats:

Okay, here are the desktops so far. Lemme "spin the wheel" and see which one we use first

Tfw someone else eats the last of the cream cheese

boost to tell anyone who is a TERF to block me immediately

I'm gonna do a youtube series where I randomly select a linux desktop environment, use it exclusively for a week, then report back my experiences. Give me some esoteric environment suggestions please

@beegrrl radical cutie πŸ’– and i mean that in several senses lol, you're cool and funny. Would burn cop cars with ^_^

Fave this and i'll @ you with a compliment πŸ’–

Good cop, bad cop? Isn't that an oyxmoron? The first one, I mean?

Mercurial and Subversion: *exist*
Me: Okay, I just don't git these version control systems

Any good podcasts about free software? I already listen to most JB shows but I need more

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