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How do I make money online with my full stack skillset? Sysadmin + programming is genuinely relaxing for me and I need a secondary income

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@IRC @xj9 sorry, fringe distros aren't allowed at the big kid's table :anidab_right:

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At 200 followers I'll open up an ssh server and give ya'll the login and let everyone go ham as it dies from multiple forkbombs and someone running "chmod / 777 && setenforce 0"

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here's my bandcamp. I ran out of room in my profile so I'm just gonna pin this post

got me an IRC bouncer set up on that dell optiplex I picked up the other day

message me on freenode @beegrrl, I'm in channels like #, , and

@slimekat oh also I'm using bootstrap because I'm too lazy to learn javascript myself

just set up ethernet channel bonding with my wifi card and a usb eth interface on my desktop

10/10 ethernet channel bonding is fucking badass as shit and you should all be doing it for maximun redundancy and throughput

has anyone here transcended in nethack? I need strats because I can't seem to get pas level 4 without starving

my coworker when he jokingly types rm -rf /* on his terminal but i run to his desk and i smash the enter key

if I hosted a mumble or IRC server would anyone join?

SELinux is easy

it's like traditional UNIX file permissions (ie rwx), but it restricts which processes can access which files (and processes) as opposed to which users can access which files.

basically this means that the apache process *is* allowed to access /var/www/html but is prevented from accessing /home/*

it's not too confusing, please don't disable it. SELinux isn't as painful as it used to be

not gonna lie, I'm kinda frustrated that CentOS doesn't choose the latest PHP version by default (and that I have to add third party repos to get it)

I need PHP7x, not some depricated version. Afterall, my code was written this week, not 10 years ago

How do I init 6 my life or init 1 and fix it before bringing it back up?

Sometimes I feel like relationships aren't worth it, but othertimes I feel like they are. Maybe it's not the actions of being in love, but the idea of it all that I like so much. Maybe it's just that I need a dedicated best friend. The hard part about dedicated best friends though it that we have to share. Even virtual machines rarely get a dedicated processor. I need to find a dedicated best friend or something

The first thing I do when I get a new computer is remove the windows sticker and add free software ones instead. This time I added a git sticker, an fsf one, and a FreeBSD one I made myself

Picked up a dell optiplex with a core2duo

Now I just need a DVI->VGA converter

It's FreeBSD time

fail2ban and firewalld are a godsend

keeps the bots outta my box

am I a UNIX boomer if I'm using apache instead of nginx? also how do I get http->https redirects working? I've tried multiple things including a redirect and a the rewrite modules

I know that it's a meme to hate on PHP, but I actually really like it. PHP saves me so much work by storing data in arrays. I can change 1 array value and modify the entire website accordingly

if you refuse to use the gnu microkernel you have 

update on the situation where my dogs take down my entire network with their tails: I moved the OpenBSD box into a corner and it's protected by two desks. The usb wifi card has a worse signal but it's better than dogs breaking it

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