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@IRC @xj9 sorry, fringe distros aren't allowed at the big kid's table :anidab_right:

Aro/ace/trans bullshit 

sometimes I just remember that it's impossible to be vegan in a world with industrialized farming because of the amount of birds and small mammals that are killed by massive combine harvesters.

but if it is your prerogative, go forth and gentrify the grocery stores. Fill the aisles with superfluous foods. Make the decision for your fellow humans. Tell them that food is plenty while simultaneously condemning them for consuming the product of industrialized farming.

don't get me wrong, we all hate industrialized farming but it is a necessary evil if we want to feed the planet

Remember kids, Microsoft is a part of PRISM. Microsoft puts backdoors in their software. Backdoors are accessible to everyone, not just the "good guys"

Americans right now: Z🚫🚫m is not secure, instead we will use a different product from Micro$oft: a company notorious for knowingly and intentionally violating user privacy

Sometimes when I'm really tired I look at people and imagine their skeletons inside of their skin. Everyone has a skeleton. Skeletons are like calcium rocks inside your body but they're alive

I feel so weird thinking about how I have a skeleton

vote to determine which email client I subject myself to

Honestly though I find scrying a little bit more effective than tarot. Last time I did some scrying then entered a deep meditative state I found myself in a Merkabah of sorts

"please install adobe flash player to view this website"

*closes tab*

once I get a little bit better at tarot I want you all to ask me some questions. I need more practice

lord forgive me, but you know what they say. "Remember, you're here forever"

ya know shit's getting real bad when avery is browsing /g/ and /wg/, searching for the "comfy feels"

I feel like my mastodon followers are split between compulsive FOSS posters and compulsive shitposters. These two groups aren't always mutually exclusive, but most of you are

my sister wanted me to fix her chromebook after I got off work tonight because she has homework to do tomorrow. I'm tired and just a little bit too shaky to be taking apart a laptop.

tldr: there is no problems with this chromebook. She just needs to be more careful with the charger because the pin was bent

I printed this off and stuck it in her keyboard in hopes of giving her just a little bit of extra (questionably ethical) motivation. It's now 1 in the morning but I can't pass up the opportunity to have some fun 😈

I'm genuinely disappointed in the lack of ingenuity the zoomers have

they all complain about not being old enough to buy alcohol or whatever but they do not realize that alcohol is made when yeast eats sugar, pees alcohol, and farts CO2? These ingredients are readily available. Just be careful not to make any methanol or isopropanol, just ethanol

all you daft simpletons are really out here trying to say gentoo is unstable

get back to me when your "stable" release distro rebuilds the entire dependency chain when one library updates. Gentoo might be rolling, but we're slowly rolling.

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