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What is my aesthetic? Reply with your best answers

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alright fuckers, my lewd alt is at @lewdbee

it's followers only because I hate randos

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send your best (alt,indie,punk,emo) suggestions

be honest, do u gotta piss

hello friends

I found this handy free and open spectrum analyzer for Linux, Mac, and Windows called Friture

Why is this important you ask? because a spectrum analyzer helps visualize our voices and work on pitch and resonance

I probably qualify as a plural system in the sense that I see distinct splits down my brain

But unity has always been the goal and embracing the antithetical aspects of myself has been productive for personal growth

"say the line bart"
*bart's head is the java logo*
"unsupported major.minor version 55.0"

I hate that stupid arknights ad on YouTube

It gets stuck in my head and also I fucking hate things that are "anime for anime's sake"



one of these days I'll get a compaq portable and lug it to starbucks

I should write a tool that makes it easy for users to change the accent color on GNOME from the ugly blue to whatever they want

~faces of the fedi~

i think ill do a part 2 so if you wanna be included in a second one, reply with a selfie

Lewd shitpost 

what do you think I smell like? please reply and / or boost because I'm very curious

my dogs keep trying to take my makeup brushes

one has bite marks on it

another has many bite marks on it

UNIX 🤝 Cooking
following instructions that are ultimately incorrect

the people who invented jails were like "what if chroot . . . but more secure?"

BSDEmacs (bee ess dee macs): emacs without all the bullshit

Linux: help I don't know if this process hung or is still working
FreeBSD: *Control-t* oh yeah, actual information

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