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The switch in Animal Crossing is priced at 29,980 bells. This is its real world price in Japanese yen, or $269.69~ (nice). With this info, we can extrapolate the prices of other objects in Animal Crossing. This means a tarantula costs $72.

cw covid-19 // California shelter in place 

covid-19, positive, info 


extremely grateful to be spending this quarantine with the person who makes me laugh the hardest---me.

back in the 60s & 70s, your only hope to get recognized as a musician was having a completely outrageous name like "Dan Fogelburg" or "Tom Jones"

everyone when new horizons comes out

credit: @camthefartist on instagram

how the heck does everyone have animal crossing now

I wonder what it was about the song 'She Hates Me' by Puddle Of Mudd that appealed to me so much at the ripe age of 10

listening to home with you by fka twigs hits different right now

since social distancing is tough for a lot of us, heres cute animal videos i have saved: a thread

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