@deneb Hi! Sorry for just now seeing this, I'm trying to cut back on social media time. I only had 5 pink ones to send and going to plant some yellow so I can hopefully share some of those w/ you.

The Epic Games Store is having a Spring Sale, and I wanted to note that Control is 35% off, and Celeste is 66% off until April 16.

Control - $38.99 (3rd person shooter-slash-action/adventure with SCP influences)

Celeste - $6.79 (platformer about self-reflection/depression)

the fact that her channel just posted this when i think about this song almost every day youtu.be/Vbh3JPR5jaI

trust me no one hates kpop stans more than other kpop stans

animal crossing opinion 


MEGAN THEE STALLION SUPPORTS DUBBED ANIME β€” and her points are perfectly correct. You can’t do your makeup and watch subbed anime at the same time.

btw charli announced earlier than she's releasing a new album soon, and sky announced that she's not releasing an album soon (well basically lol)

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listening to charli's self titled album for the first time and i totally forgot she did a song with sky lmao

unbelievable that they spent upwards of 100 million American dollars on the internet. nothing can top it

woah my friend just sent me this vid and told me to check out yvette young and her band and i think i'm in love youtube.com/watch?v=BEd7DdrHSx

Did you know!! That these two are men in japan? But the localization team thought they were too gay and made them women?

The giraffes name is Grace, and the camels name is Roland

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