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why does this sound cooler than the updated version of love machine lmaoooo

i dont usually do spooky shit in animal crossing but i /really/ love when ppl do that

bassists are sexy. drummers are sexy. guitarists aren't sexy, not even rhythm guitarists. lead singers aren't sexy. keyboardists/pianists can be sexy, conditional on them being part of the rhythm section. if you're in it for the solos you are NOT sexy

So the sun just gives us free energy 24/7? Sounds like a scam. Its probably stealing our data

can I get an F in the chat for the next hour of my life

Yaaay upload works!! :3

Here my redraw of my OC Marisa I created in 2016!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’ž
Was really fun to give her a glow up πŸ‘€

#mastoart #art #manga

haha someone told me "you're thick as fuck. And your dog thick as fuck too" and I am literally crying from laughing so hard

someone i follow on has over 12,000 plays of ringo deathstarr that's crazy

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