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every time i listen to curve by sunmi i get a little more gay

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i wish i was in a shoegaze band so i could tour in japan

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some of my favorite films:

love exposure (2008)
taxi driver (1976)
almost famous (2000)
josie & the pussycats (2001) - yes i unironically love this movie
perfect blue (1997)
helter skelter (2012)
28 weeks later (2007)
mildred pierce (1945)
rebecca (1940)
carrie (1976)
dazed & confused (1993)
city of god (2002)
jennifer’s body (2009)
the craft (1996)

check out my for more

it’s a shame i found out about letterboxd so late bc i barely watch movies anymore adjkhfkd

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i kinda wanna use a div overlay layout like that on my friendproject bc there are some cool ones, but i kinda always felt like they ruined that myspace aesthetic

i was just looking at a layout on createblog that featured them.

i loved danity kane so much i just sang most of this song from memory

lol someone in the comments said that korean students listen to this song when they learn english

lmao i found my a*teens cd that only had abba covers but this is the song i remember the most

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a feature i wish literally any social media site had is "browse user's original posts only". like sure obvi we both think this cat pic is cute and this super surreal joke is funny but i gotta Know what u have to say when left to ur own devices

don't know why i have coldplay's x&y album i don't really remember anything on it (except speed of sound). don't even know what fix you sounds like.

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found more cds and had this one unopened (and my new mousepad as a bonus)

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daily reminder to be self indulgent in your hobbies and the things that make you happy and that you shouldn't HAVE to monetize the things you enjoy just for them to be worthwhile

making you happy makes them worthwhile enough!!

kid cudi's man on the moon turns 10 today. still a really solid album.

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If you take a NyQuil and DayQuil at the same time your body exists outside of linear time

i've actually been listening to fx's rppp a ton lately, which is funny considering i used to hate it

when i used to sometimes wear uniforms to school (by choice) this is pretty much what i was going for (krystal's look), not britney or avril

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"play that funky music white boy" - heath ledgers joker

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