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some of my favorite films:

love exposure (2008)
taxi driver (1976)
almost famous (2000)
josie & the pussycats (2001) - yes i unironically love this movie
perfect blue (1997)
helter skelter (2012)
28 weeks later (2007)
mildred pierce (1945)
rebecca (1940)
carrie (1976)
dazed & confused (1993)
city of god (2002)
jennifer’s body (2009)
the craft (1996)

check out my for more

it’s a shame i found out about letterboxd so late bc i barely watch movies anymore adjkhfkd

this started out as a sabrina teenage witch drawing then turned into something else midway πŸŒ™

#mastoart #illustration #moonyixiv #art #digitalart

me: where tf are my headphones
headphones: *on my head*

Nier Automata: Do we even want to be like/better than them


billie eilish looks like the gym leader of a grass-type pokemon gym

extremely webdev take 

exercise can help you MANAGE your depression. anyone telling you it cures depression is full of shit

🌱🌿🌱🌳🌱🌻 🌱🌼🌾

date display on the bus says june 12, 2000, it's official now

The Nasir-ol-molk Mosque is a stunning place in Shiraz, Iran. Built in the late 19th century with a traditional five concaved design, it's decorated with lots of stained glass. The huge number of pink tiles in its interior design sometimes earn it the nickname of The Pink Mosque.

A blend of arabic and western aesthetics, the mosque has a design distinct from the traditional Persian style, with many colourful floral patterns rather than the turquoise geometric shapes seen elsewhere.

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