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some of my favorite films:

love exposure (2008)
taxi driver (1976)
almost famous (2000)
josie & the pussycats (2001) - yes i unironically love this movie
perfect blue (1997)
helter skelter (2012)
28 weeks later (2007)
mildred pierce (1945)
rebecca (1940)
carrie (1976)
dazed & confused (1993)
city of god (2002)
jenniferโ€™s body (2009)
the craft (1996)

check out my for more

itโ€™s a shame i found out about letterboxd so late bc i barely watch movies anymore adjkhfkd

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if you want to hurt my friends who are jewish or POC or LGBTQ

i want to hurt YOU :blobcatknife:


if you are reading this and thinking "oh it's ok, i'm not a nazi! i'm just alt-right/a Proud Boy/a race realist/a white nationalist"


i mean you too!!!! go away!!! :blobcathissing:

am sorry for being serious but i have to make an announcement

i don't like nazis!! nazis are mean. even though i am normally a nice kitty, i want to scratch them and bite them and eat all their files. if you are a nazi, unfollow me now! i don't want to be your friend.

and if you think i'm being too mean in this post, i don't want to be your friend either. i don't like people who defend mean bullies. pls go away :blobcatknife:

how are the video game awards still doing that thing where they get a random celebrity from movies or music or whatever to be like "videogames are totally valid, for real for real i promise."

waiting for the day that helen mirrin shows up to the grammys and is like 'you know i've listened to some music. music was my childhood, y'all are definitely not losers for listening to music"

you can like things and still recognize that they're bad

golf is boring and a waste of land, but sometimes you get to see a crocodile chase a rich person, so it's impossible to say if it's bad or not

Friday December 13th is the date that sits at the intersection of holly-jolly and spooky-scary

honestly if the republicans win again in 2020 i'm probably just going to stop participating in society

I do wish that there was a way for a regular user to write a reason into a mute or a block. Not to share, just for themselves.

It could be something like "won't shut up about <media> unmute in a week"

Or it could be "reply guy"

Because sometimes I see a profile I and unfortunately can't remember why I have them muted. It'd be good to have a reminder built-in.

Amazon warehouse injuries, Reveal News source 

i joined a facebook group called "the bar for men is so low it's a tavern in hades" and each monday they put up a poll with men's names and we all vote and whichever name wins, the admin bans all the men with that name from the group

it is, simply, magical

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