The lawyer who, pro bono, got me out of jail and got my charges commuted, who has stood up to ICE and DHS numerous times, organized antizionist jewsh community spaces, and so much more; just been diagnosed with breast cancer and can't afford treatment.

It would mean so much to me if you donated to her GoFundMe and spread this around.

😬 me realizing my wife doesnt like that I got them a pair of (Functioning!) vibrator earrings
😁 realizing the package that just arrived is not the (Functioning!) vibrator earrings but some cute, nicer ones
😁😁 realizing that qty:2 earrings means my wife gets 2 pairs of cute, nicer earrings
😬😬😬😬 realizing that I got my wife not 1 but 2 pairs of (Functioning!) vibrator earrings

My wife likes animal crossing now but they're time travelling each day instead of going through it the right way so how do I keep my marriage with q dirty cheater

if anyones interested i'm selling pet or family member portraits for $10/ea (not including shipping tho its fairly cheap) like the first image, and handmade and painted keychains like the second two CUSTOM of your pet or whatever you want starting @ $20 depending on difficulty!

to see my other work you can check out my instagram @ bewitcharts

dm me for any questions, i'm happy to discuss prices or customizations!

My wife(25nb) and gf(24f) are calling me(26f) dramatic. I'm incredibly insulted

Some good media news, Friends at the Table just released their episode 0 for their new season where they summarize the world they made and Inteoduce their characters. They're antiimperialist, v queer, and GOOD above all. I highly suggest you listen on spotify or any podcast app.

pee pee 

Pokemon Gun, unironically, where you set off in Northern Ireland and the IRA is there

Oh no, if galar is Britain is there an ireland

I wonder if the galar sequel will take the unova route and start on an island

pokemon sword / shield, main team 

My wife's getting a foot file so I'm looking forward to collecting their callus flakes into a bowl to sprinkle on pasta like cheese send toot

You ever knowingly probably fuck something up so bad that you say Fuck It AMD gleefully leap into impending disaster?


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