the heat-death of mastodon is when we've all got our own single-user instances which have been defederated from everyone else

in my experience, writing a diary is the same as posting on mastodon. i go to write my thoughts and actually pen maybe a tenth of them because I'm terrified of being judged for having a mistaken idea

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i almost deleted this post when it first went up, but I guess people like it so..

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@baronnarcveldt this made me laugh so hard at how true that is

@baronnarcveldt nah, there's always going to be the freeze peaches you can still talk to :)

@baronnarcveldt well yeah, but if everyone else defederates you they likely aren't :P


there's a salesman at my job who has his own firstname.lastname email address and I kind of want an instance like that lol

@baronnarcveldt browsing my own single-user local timeline, liking and boosting every toot

@baronnarcveldt but yeah, the more diary I wrote, the less I tooted about my thoughts.

Because I was already doing that work elsewhere.

I often posted after I had processed it, and figured out what I actually needed to say. Which was nice, but means less toots


my problem is i can't let myself be vulnerable enough to write something down even if it's my own personal thing. the fact that someone COULD find it and read it is enough to just never write anything I wouldn't say in public :/

@baronnarcveldt I say way too much vulnerable shit everywhere. (probably because my particular kind of neurodivergence just doesn't stop me from doing so.)

I had this problem for ages, even in my own personal computer. Typing things up in a password protected document helped me, and another option is not keeping whatever you wrote. Don't save the file, or if it's on paper, tear it up and put it in the bin, or burn it or smth.

Just writing can help process & clarify stuff and make ur brain a bit less cluttered

@certifiedperson @baronnarcveldt there's a cognitive process of physically moving your hand as you type out the words with a pen, which is different from the computer.

Ive begun to wonder if swiping on the phone will eventually feel similar, maybe to some later generations.

Brain science is always fascinating.

Also, yes you can totally burn paper over a candle like a little cleansing ritual of the mind.

While that's true, i think that's more in terms of improved memory? when it comes to sorting personal stuff, they've felt reasonably equal to me.

Doing a little cleansing ritual is also really cool to do, especially with upsetting content. I was more focussed on ending the concern of it being read, but heck, two birds one stone, right?

@baronnarcveldt im the same way about diaries. i'd love to keep one except that i cant bring myself to be honest about it, which, uh, probably doesnt mean anything haha :)

Fighting the entropy is vain. Let the nature take its course. It is meant to be.

@baronnarcveldt Would prefer a heat-death scenario over a black-hole formed by birdsite / FB turning on ActivityPub. 😱

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