Just a cool picture of the chain we make at my job, with a truck for scale. This stuff amuses me every day. These chain segments are like 30+ feet long and the links are hundreds of pounds each. They are cast in line from molten steel, so no fabrication is required to assemble them

re my giant chain picture; everyone is asking if the chain is for boat anchors, but even the biggest boat anchor chain seems to be about half the size

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mostly coal mining, actually. They have giant buckets like front end loaders, but instead of scooping forward, they drag the bucket across the coal with these chains

@nova @baronnarcveldt the coolest wallet chain in the world

(my actual guess is either mining or anchor chain for very large ships)

@robotcarsley @nova

yeah this is mining stuff. I don't know what makes anchor chain different


that's what makes it fun. it's surreal even after 5 years.

I don't actually design the chain, but when I interviewed here I definitely tried to get on that group. the stuff I design is also intense and giant, but it doesn't look as cool sitting on a pallet as just fuck off big chains

@baronnarcveldt there's something so cool about those loosely piled chains at rest


imagine if they picked it up wrong and it got tangled in a knot lmao. I haven't heard of that happening but why not

@Aleums @baronnarcveldt
it reminds me of Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen's work

@baronnarcveldt desperately trying to think of a domestic reason to have some of that. I love seeing people's jobs that are slightly unusual! Thanks for sharing!


thanks! I thought it might pique some interests lol

@baronnarcveldt That's really cool. I love seeing stuff like this on the timeline


thanks! I'm so glad some people found it as amusing as I do :)

@baronnarcveldt well at least I know where to get the chains next time I have to seal an ancient evil

do y'all happen to make giant manacles as well?


ooo, we don't, but we're a one-off steel casting shop, so we could happily design some! depends on how many dimensions the creature is expressed in


it's for mining actually :) I don't think we've made chain for boats yet, but we should look into it


looking into it, even aircraft carrier anchor chain is only about half this big. we do make links that size, but they get much bigger


the segments are 30+feet, the links are like 1-2 feet each

@baronnarcveldt that makes sense, as I am used to german "metric" I may have not got you right. For me a segment is a single element of a chain.

@baronnarcveldt they look like the chains drawn across ports to prevent entry.


I have seen the chains for aircraft carriers. Not for the Titanic though. But I bet our steel is better quality lol


this is so freaking cooooool! I like the design of that chain, but I don't know how well it will actually roll around with all those bits sticking out lol. even so, it has a very interesting fabricated design. dang

@baronnarcveldt Cyan Worlds is great at striking machinery. Highly recommended.


they are for coal mining! they drag a giant bucket across the coal and then hoist it to dump it in the trucks. the drag chain machines are like giant walking cranes :D

@baronnarcveldt Holy cats. How much does one of those links weight?


a couple hundred pounds per link! or at least 100 kg, some much more

@baronnarcveldt You mean each link is moulded in place around the previous link?


yeah! it's actually really neat how they do it. they make half of the links first in separate molds cuz that's easier. then they set them sideways in a moldable sand and cast the molten steel right around the solid ones :D

@baronnarcveldt @clacke moldable sand... So it's a manual process of creating a sand mold for each link? 😮

@jon_valdes @clacke

Oh yeah, we don't have automated lines. He have it packed by hand!

@baronnarcveldt that’s so surreal, thanks for sharing 😶*zones out*

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