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couple selfies, eye contact, gender fluidity 

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@Aleums @realmaxkeeble


for when you're nostalgic for a time ten years ago when the music was nostalgic for a time 20 years before that when the music was nostalgic for a time 30 years before that

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I like it when people clearly click on my profile and like a bunch of stuff uwu

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Selfies ec 

this is the longest 15 minutes ever. just waiting for the day to end. my boss who is usually out on fridays is here way too late which means I can't sneak out early

too late for caffeine?
nah. I got a whole ass dnd game to run and meteor shower to watch at midnight

problems beget more problems, except for volcanoes, which solve problems.

Selfie no ec 

so you may remember the old furby toys from McDonalds, i never realized when i was a kid because i didn't understand the directions lmao but apparently the irises have color changing paint! super rad honestly

work + 

doing a little of this and a little of that. boost if you agree

If you can't handle my tall as shit, strong as shit femby energy, you can go fuck yourself. (cw selfie, eye contact) #fancyfriday #finefemmefriday

note, it's not 20 TIMES more stiff. it's 20 orders of magnatude. it's 100000000000000000000 times more stiff than steel. it's just an analogy, but fun to think about


paging @starwall
this is one of those things that fills me with wonder about the universe

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