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dreamed last night that I was working in like a fancy little boutique shop and helping a young hipster couple find some clothes. at some point they said something that made me startled and their response to my stammering was "well you're a girl, right?". i looked down, and realized i was at least in androgynous mode, if not girl mode, and they were treating me like i was presenting instead of as a soft guy. it made me wake up full of pride and joy

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Another long day at the posting factory, and I roll up to the water cooler to chat with my friend @Aleums. He says "have you signed this?", and hands me a folded gray card. Written on the outside it says "cw: selfie ec", and on the inside is a very nice picture of a person from the timeline and the note "boosts appreciated". I scan the document but a lot of people have signed it already. "Beautiful 😍" says one, and "cuuuuute ✨" says another.

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couple selfies, eye contact, gender fluidity 

Wanna see something cute? These pics were both taken on saturday. Notice Carmen's hair color

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I like it when people clearly click on my profile and like a bunch of stuff uwu

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I got a bunch of non fungible tokens, but now mushrooms are growing all over them! How could this happen??

what makes a rubiks cube algorithm more "fun" than another one? who knows. but i do have favorites

trying to imagine the life of a person who just takes bitcoin at its word that it can be a new replacement for money, and has never heard a counterargument to that

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huh, arguing about crypto on twitter and i have like 3 different people on the hook just genuinely interested and surprised at my argument that bitcoin might be kinda a bad idea lmao

for every person i find out is even tacitly ok with the idea of NFTs i will emit one scream

A lot of US leftists don't consider unions for athletes, entertainment or porn to be legit bc they're not on working in a Soviet spark factory pounding girders. Just bc these workers make stuff you enjoy in your leisure time doesn't make their work less grueling or dangerous.

huh, beach city is down so i guess i'm squidward today. hey ya'lle

Did you ever see Major Lazer? This show flipping rules

Holy shit lmao

When your family says they're getting together for Christmas in 2020:

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I feel like a big chunk of mastodon is two polar opposite where one side is just young shitposters and the other half is boomer-like tooting

they call it federation cause if you spend too long on this site youll wind up looking like this

We live in a society 

I think it's so telling what kind of world we've built for ourselves, the way we handle missteps.
I pay my phone bill completely and on time for literal years, and one month I across $12 in charges that I don't pay til later. So obviously my phone service needs to be shut off until that $12 is placed in their account. Absolutely no regard for the context of my relationship with them.
Whenever a system or authority tells me they "treat everyone the same" I get fuckin nervous.

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