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couple selfies, eye contact, gender fluidity 

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@Aleums @realmaxkeeble


for when you're nostalgic for a time ten years ago when the music was nostalgic for a time 20 years before that when the music was nostalgic for a time 30 years before that

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I like it when people clearly click on my profile and like a bunch of stuff uwu

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yall I fucking love bees so much what a sweet lovely human who I adore im so fucking glad to have them in my life tbh

Mirror selfie, no ec 

I don't know what has happened on here today, something about a kazoo?? but what's important is that I am debuting this animal sweater today (mirror selfie, ec)

the new Formula E cars this year look like fighter jets and it's really cool. ya know... in the vacuum where you ignore the ramifications of everything.

so cool

By the way hi, I'm Sid now. This is my mastodon name please use it in a friendly manner and not to tell me that I suck and my toots are bad thank you all


the reason I have so many columns open on mastodon is because I just get so tired of trying to like or boost something on the home timeline and having it jump away with the new posts

mild body grossness, teeth 

anywayyy this was me @ the semester party last friday yeehaw (cw: ec, boosts make me giv u a liddol smooch) also ignore how i tried to cover up that nasty zit lmao

back at it again in my favorite selfie bathroom (barely ec) 

holy shit. this was the automated text for googling this image LOL

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