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dream, gender + 

dreamed last night that I was working in like a fancy little boutique shop and helping a young hipster couple find some clothes. at some point they said something that made me startled and their response to my stammering was "well you're a girl, right?". i looked down, and realized i was at least in androgynous mode, if not girl mode, and they were treating me like i was presenting instead of as a soft guy. it made me wake up full of pride and joy

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selfies eye contact, literally me being carly rae jepsen 

Crystal Rae Jepsen

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Another long day at the posting factory, and I roll up to the water cooler to chat with my friend @Aleums. He says "have you signed this?", and hands me a folded gray card. Written on the outside it says "cw: selfie ec", and on the inside is a very nice picture of a person from the timeline and the note "boosts appreciated". I scan the document but a lot of people have signed it already. "Beautiful 😍" says one, and "cuuuuute ✨" says another.

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couple selfies, eye contact, gender fluidity 

Wanna see something cute? These pics were both taken on saturday. Notice Carmen's hair color

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I like it when people clearly click on my profile and like a bunch of stuff uwu

Pulling up to your crib in my anime KNZK themed Ferrari 488 Lusso like

i just need like 20 friends to put up 5 million dollars each for this

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if we're going to start a gay and trans mastodon commune, why not pool resources for this delightful place? fitness and spa rooms, like 8 bedrooms, and an absolutely giant tv for watching bobs burgers or evangelion.

just imagine the posts that could be written from that classy office

rollin out w the crew to let ppl know that we use "dude" as gender-neutral term

Waluigi's dick looks like a crinkle cut french fry, and you can take that to the bank

this is a celebration of american culture

video description: an hour long video done in the style of the lofi hiphop radio studying anime girl, but it's dorian electra in the style of their newer music. doritos and mountain dew, fedoras and trench coats, edgy joker aesthetic, etc.

anyone who both knows what kerning means and can properly define a p-value is constantly miserable every waking moment of their adult life

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Topless enby, vegan diet, weight loss, alcohol + 

I lost like 10 pounds in a week cuz I went vegan and stopped snacking or drinking alcohol (as much). This was a shock realization, because I was just trying to get healthy after an ulcer flared up

But omg, I feel hot! This is a good weight for me, even if the doctor says I'm still overweight

greece pol, refugees mistreated and used as political footballs 

Greek authorities are apparently taking migrants' and refugees' phones and setting them adrift;


Just left the office for the last time. I am no longer being poisoned by a toxic cloud

I am also Arya Stark because I am good with a sword, i move like a cat, and most importantly, i change my appearance and gender at will using magic

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Sometimes people send me this image because they saw it online and they think I would like it, which is very flattering, considering I made it.

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