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couple selfies, eye contact, gender fluidity 

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@Aleums @realmaxkeeble


for when you're nostalgic for a time ten years ago when the music was nostalgic for a time 20 years before that when the music was nostalgic for a time 30 years before that

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I like it when people clearly click on my profile and like a bunch of stuff uwu

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I made this and decided not to use it, so if anyone wants a background, here you go.

veteran's day 2019 thread 

Anything that is a product of whales is whelsh

4.5 hours of Return of the King starting now, let's gooooooo

I bought some new threads and will be serving you looks throughout the week

May I just say that the past couple days have been good as hell on here

More. Need more gender reveal catastrophes. Like air to breathe.

Doing our yearly watch through of the Lord of the rings extended versions cuz it's birthday week :D

Hello I'm New here ☺️
I'm from India 🇮🇳
Can I get a Boost ?

The only good thing in the world is the sound of my cat breathing while he sleeps

Just being cute at home. The cats are not amused that I'm encroaching on their thing

💥💥 Today's homie 💥💥 is @redcosmonaut!!!! Eleanor is so smart, talented, nice, supportive and cool and I am so grateful to know her!!!

Ec selfie 

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