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selfies eye contact, literally me being carly rae jepsen 

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Another long day at the posting factory, and I roll up to the water cooler to chat with my friend @Aleums. He says "have you signed this?", and hands me a folded gray card. Written on the outside it says "cw: selfie ec", and on the inside is a very nice picture of a person from the timeline and the note "boosts appreciated". I scan the document but a lot of people have signed it already. "Beautiful 😍" says one, and "cuuuuute ✨" says another.

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couple selfies, eye contact, gender fluidity 

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@Aleums @realmaxkeeble


for when you're nostalgic for a time ten years ago when the music was nostalgic for a time 20 years before that when the music was nostalgic for a time 30 years before that

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I like it when people clearly click on my profile and like a bunch of stuff uwu

lewd shitpost 

selfies, eye contact 

Watching the movie Predator. Occured to me this team of CIA affiliates was almost definitely sent in to kill some leftists in South America. Salute to Comrade Anna, who survived them and a murderous alien

*carly voice* 🎡 podcast for one 🎡

I feel like a cartoon duck who has been comically flattened by construction equipment

teh computer gods smile down on me as i realize my program didn't crash over night

My name is Crystal, but hopefully you associate it with more than just pretty gems. I'm talking ice, granite, austenite steel, ferrite steel, bulk metallic glass, pyrite cubes. All the cool crystals. Fluorite octahedrons, etc

pics of a tapestry i just finished! I think its really good Im very excited. EC, me smiling, ect 

Why am I listening to Italo Disco unironically and enjoying it a lot.

refusing to learn about object permanence and bursting into tears whenever anyone tries to explain it to me.

enjoying the tl while staying in my lane with hands at ten and two

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