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Just a raccoon in this world, looking for a cat to pester with affection and also some trash please.

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I am bad at recieving compliments. *pats you with a stick*

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My pronouns are you/your.

Talk πŸ‘ to πŸ‘ me πŸ‘ not πŸ‘ about πŸ‘ me

" just wanna stick your ghost dick in my time twin?!"


it's the introductory conspiracy to hook 'em. once i get a bunch of kids indoctrinated we sell them on the myth of "respawning" after death!

uh.. hmm.. oh..

according to the voice in my earpiece, i've apparently just invented boring old religion again. ohwellbacktothedrawingboard!!
based on social media's role in the growing momentum of the flat-earth movement and other unscientific nonsense, i have decided to start the following conspiracy theory:

humans are actually born with the ability to double-jump and it's suppressed by vaccines and water fluoridation and cell phone towers. brave video game designers keep putting double-jump mechanics in games to red pill us and awaken us to our true potential.

@healyn haelyn do not disrespect the pisces in this way

Attentions ABC' anti-bepis coalition, our attack begins.

Boo all bepis posters. Tell them "Boo, your joke is not very good."

Anyone else think the most recent episode of Gotham was very homoerotic? I fucking loved it.

Why am I getting emotional about American Ninja Warrior?? WTAF?

well i went to see a specialist and it turns out i’m not allergic to anything. i must conclude, therefore, that allergies are all made up

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@badical @happyhorseskull @toilet I don't know how to blazon a boner. 'A man passant and priapant', maybe? More likely, 'Priapus passant'

Boost if you think your instance has the Prettiest/Handsomest Admin!!

Once we calculate the top two, they will fight to the death!

If you tag someone who does not follow you but post as followers only, can they still see it?

was about to have sex with a man but i was shot and killed by gay cops because i was "not gay enough". this is the future liberals want

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