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My pronouns are you/your.

Talk πŸ‘ to πŸ‘ me πŸ‘ not πŸ‘ about πŸ‘ me

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*tries to say something thoughtful*

*doesn't check for dumb looking rypos*


Nope fuck this, I don't need to socialize with the general populace. I don't understand these social games and it leaves me feeling confused and helpless which leads me to increased suicidal thoughts

Hmmm, should I obsessively wonder why person blocked me out of the blue while fending off an anxiety attack and trying to avoid said obsession or?

It said they followed me and I was confused, thought maybe it was an alt. Went to page it said I didn't follow them. Then it said no toots then It said they don't follow me then it said their name in my notifs with nothing beside it and now they have disappeared.

Think I just got blocked by someone for an unlisted reason after not interacting with them for a month?

Y'all need to stop posting about dicks and balls being food because I am going to literally throw up in my bed.

My favorite thing someone who is not me said today "Fuck off, /redacted/ I'm trying to be morose."

Anyone else like to spend time making a post that you know only you will enjoy?

You put the yeeeehaw! Back in my motor and transmission! 🎢

*sends a horde of raccoons wearing bikinis to give uncomfortable birthday lap dances to @starwall * :blob_raccoon_peek:

this is a computer, how can someone send me pieces of shit, but they never shove it in that it was the damn song is a tortilla

I hope I seem prickly because I am mad at everyone and hope you all get pricked.

Nvm apparently no one is dtf a blob raccoon. :angery:

not even that gladiator is that great of a movie but gd benjamin button just sucks

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