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Hi, new instance! I’m Avery, they/she pronouns. I’m basically here to dork out about a bunch of stuff. Expect me to toot about:

- Ducks
- Video games (I’ve been playing a fair bit of Splatoon 2 lately!)
- Gay Shit™ (esp. In the vicinity of @meebo)
- Linguistic stuff, occasionally (I’m an English Language and Journalism grad)
- Football, also occasionally (mostly about how bad Man United currently are)

Hope you have a good day!

Selfies, ec, boosts ok 

Polyam folk: 

mh - 

Selfie, ec 

We’re talking Endgame spoilers in my group chat and it’s like the Mueller Report in here

A picture of me (no ec) 

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i know we dont post images much on here but like this is such a good picture i love it so much

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Hey, Mastodon! I'm a queer mentally ill artist who doesn't have a job, and really needs a source of income, so I'm offering commissions!

Art starts at £10/hour of work. (e.g: the dog artwork below took me 115 minutes, so it would be £18 total).

Email me at, talk to me on discord at spen#6097, or message me on Mastodon if you're interested!

#mastoart #creativetoot #commissions #transcrowdfund

As a follow up: you can also toot at me/DM me if you want a commission from @meebo! We can talk price and stuff. Help us kick this toxic government’s ass.

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Hey folks, my partner is a rad artist who is American and having a bunch of trouble with the Home Office. Currently he’s trying to get a document to prove he’s okay to stay here but they’re constantly fucking around. It’s stressing him out and he can’t work atm. I hate seeing him like this. If you can commission him, buy him a Ko-fi, or boost this post, it would mean the world to us.

Toot him: @meebo
Art examples: @frilthy
Ko-fi link:

+, I’m tooting about running again 

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The LGBTQIA+ bookstore near where I live got these in recently and my day has been fucking MADE!

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