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Hello,! I’m an occasional birdsite escapee trying to establish a new home in the fediverse. I’ve had a few masto accounts in the past, but tried to juggle multiple instances, and couldn’t find a community in which to comfortably settle.

I live in Toronto. I try to operate in a framework of compassion, mutual aid, distrust of power and hierarchy, and awe of this wild-ass existence. I like sci-fi/fantasy, heavy metal, electronica, astronomy, and trivia.

My eyes suck.

dipshit discourse 

“i can’t jack off to bunny tiddy because cancel culture” is something professional broadcast and publishing operations used their immense resources to emit into the world today.

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elevator pitch: it's a post-apocalyptic wasteland film with a single character who crisscrosses the barren wastes stopping at each night club they find, dancing one dance in the club, and heading back out on the road.

dipshit pol 

rule 34, welcome to the culture war.

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dipshit pol 

i thought the screenshot of fox news going on about bunny tiddy was a joke until the opinion headline from the Serious Progressive Canadian Newspaper raising the same issue appeared in my feed.


this is somewhat worse than the time last month i managed to slice a finger open while cutting frozen english muffins in half, though thankfully this wound seems to have quickly sealed up as well.

between knives and my inability to see the colour red, it’s a miracle d❤️ allows me anywhere near the kitchen, nevermind actually cook.

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who managed to slice a finger open across the knuckle on a tin can which he knew damn well he should’ve removed from the sink and tossed into recycling before trying to wash pots? this dipshit.

mh - 

it’s my second favourite time of day, impostor-syndrome o’clock.

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mh - 

it’s my favourite time of day, replay-my-biggest-fuckups-o’clock.

Wondering where I should resettle before radtown’s eventual demise.

covid shit 

One year ago, my folks learned they were on a coronavirus cruise. This was first contact between the shock wave propagating around the world and my sphere of existence.

Second contact came eleven days later, when dad tested positive while in isolation at a military base after repatriation.

(He’s fine; very mild case, thank fuck. Mom either never got it or avoided symptoms. We’ll never know, because at that time only symptomatic individuals were tested.)

dream shit 

My dreams have been noticeably more vivid in the past month. Hoping this is an indication I’m coming out of the bunker mentality of the past year.

Last night’s dream involved looking at the Renaissance Center from the Windsor side of the Detroit River, followed by walking among people stargazing. The sky was unnaturally clear, with the Orion Nebula a big, bright cloud and satellites whizzing by overhead.

It’s a marked improvement on the intermittent mask anxiety dreams.

D❤️ got her hands on the first season of the US/Canadian version of Queer as Folk. Explicit to a degree rarely found in even R-rated films anymore, and great fun to play “name that Toronto location” with location shots.

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a worldwide general strike where the demands are to stop treating ourselves and each other like we're somehow broken or damaged if we're not okay with fear and violence being the daily currencies of exchange.

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Yup, it’s true 🥳 ✨

> The transparency group DDoSecrets says it will make Gab’s 70GB of passwords, private posts, and more available to researchers, journalists, and social scientists.

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maga, fashy allusions 

love to read a book series published in the late ‘90s, set in the 2020s and 30s, in which a charismatic bigot who encourages his followers to engage in genocidal violence and cruelty runs for US president while promising to “make America great again.”

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There was this design collective that was on the web from like 1998-2001 called Swankarmy. It was mostly a bunch of experimental sites doing really boundary pushing things with a brand new medium of graphic design. Some of the members did some significant websites, I know one of them was responsible for the Blair Witch site, which was a really big deal.

There's very little trace of it now. doesn't really archive design very well. Pages that were a bunch of very carefully arranged images laid out in TABLEs or Netscape LAYERs are just grids of missing image icons now.

A lot of 90s webcomics, early Scott McCloud inspired stuff, didn't make it either.

It's funny. If you have access to a research library, you can get color microfilm of, like, Parisian magazines from the 1780s. But a whole lot of the web is just gone, or only exists as basically scraped text.

We mistake data being pervasive for data being durable. This stuff is written on the sand at low tide.

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and we all know who’s waiting in the wings for another crack at absolute power, with one wing of the capitalist party happy to hand it to him.

i don’t like the progression of events my brain keeps predicting from here.

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