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Hi! My name is Isaac. he/him pronouns. interests include and gay stuff. Send toot :toot2:

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in the 6 months they were famous off tubthumping, chumbawamba assaulted the deputy PM for not supporting striking dockworkers, instructed fans to steal their album, and told the music press 'we like it when cops get killed'

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battle royale overcooked and it's called Fork-knife. Royalty check please

can't wait until it's titanic strawberry season and my friends and I can head out to a sunny field for a nude giant strawberry picnic

I have a soft spot for carnotaurus, which is basically a sausage with legs and teeth.

I just learned that in Jurassic Park, goose hisses were used for the velociraptor's sounds

Does anyone remember when paleontologists said T-Rex would make a subsonic growl, like a crocodile but several octaves lower, below our range of hearing but loud enough to be felt?

high school me was right about being angsty. It rules

every time i see this poem i wonder about why it went viral and, tbh, i think it's mostly because it's legitimately a good poem!

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Someone in fedi TL said β€œcat school,” and i think its a gaming thing, but i would like to start classes there, this summer, please.

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