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Hi! My name is Isaac. he/him pronouns. interests include and gay stuff. Send toot :toot2:

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h-hey everyone, sorry i can't participate in the discourses today. I uh i got a thing i gotta get to. super important. would love to discourse if i could, but you know, hahahahaha

Start the discourse without me. I'll "definitely" be at the next one

Am I getting dressed today? No. Did I wash my face? Yes, so I'm doing fine, thank you

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Having a little fun with Chuck’s hair while giving him a brushing - call him “Lord Pompadour” ;-) #bunny #houserabbit

whats your favorite kind of green to eat? mine is babby spanch

i have rocks in brain today, specifically gravel. the itching inside my skull sensation from the other day has transformed into the feeling of walking barefoot on gravel

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lmao why don't you all live in my city so we can learn and grow Together and have wild parties

i just saw a persons avatar thats a sickle and hammer, inside a RRoD(?), surrounded by sunflower petals, and im afraid to ask them what it means

every time im in a plane i just think the entire time about how massively shittier air travel in america has gotten over the years

Tonic the sonic recolor was a hedgebat bc i was a creative sprite comic reader but really he was just a purple bat. Hes a bat

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Cancels everything else to search youtube "overwatch reaper MMD"

its definitely not doing it now but what caused my previous toot to be italicized. i definitely saw that. somethings fishy

I blinked and it *almost* looked like mastodon _added_ formatting? ~could it be possible?~

The sun, or as I like to call it, hot moon

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