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Hi! My name is Isaac. he/him pronouns. interests include and gay stuff. Send toot :toot2:

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mastodon should get a new feature called a little cube that i keep in my pocket. anyone in the fedi can press a button to make this cube painfully jab me in the thigh

in 1429, the French army is getting stomped all over the place and are on the verge of losing the Hundred Years War. a peasant girl has a vision from God and insists on giving strategic and tactical advice to the French nobility. she turns out to be a military and theological genius who lifts the English siege on Orleans in less than a week and initiates a series of events that leads to the successful coronation of Charles VII and the eventual French victory

can eugen add a reverse filter option so that my tl exclusively shows posts that contain the words "gay" or "lasaga"

My dogs on prednisone and hes going crazy because we don’t feed him as much as he wants

I take back everything, every music opinion, the radio is playing barenaked ladies

does anyone wanna hear a story of when i met up with a guy off /r9k/... it's pretty short

In short. They never had to produce Imagine Dragons. We still have U2. Unfortunately.

Why do radio station license music that all sounds the same, if its an inferior copy why not simply play the shit music its trying to emulate

the 80s were epic because nobody needed a job and everything was taken care of and we didn't even hardly have to wash our own asses. no i don't think it's related that i was four years old in 1990

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Would you enjoy differently-sized headings, blockquotes, code blocks, bullet point lists and other rich text features in toots on your home feed?

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disney was like. how can we ruin lions? lets give them the concept of marriage.

imagine willingly seeking out disney music to listen to

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