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Hi! My name is Isaac. he/him pronouns. interests include and gay stuff. Send toot :toot2:

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Ive been on trintellix for less than 2 can bite my ass

Who signs up for mastodon and wants to be the one who just posts about iphone and biden

dragon quest builders 2 is very good because malroth is your best friend

Human whatever, brain whatever. Your just a digestive tract with accessories get over it

very nsfw, genitals, shitpost 

dragon quest builders 2 spoilers 

Can’t articulate your emotions right now? Easy, just point to the cat. Which cat are you today?

This is how a New York Times article about Rudy Giuliani's divorce ends, and I am absolutely in awe

Where can a gay bitch get some leggings on his fat thighs

the thing about trauma is how do we heal when the pain isn't confined to the past? how do we move forward when harm is still being inflicted. There is literally no "post-traumatic" for colonized people.

theres a polari speaking goodybag in dragon quest builders 2 that u can have as an ally and i love them

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