Enough is Enough: **#Berlin: Corona’s over!? – The Senate is starting evictions again… #Syndikat stays!**

"Berlin authorities announced that the first eviction attempt of Syndikat is now scheduled for Friday, August 7th at 9 am. The Syndikat is one of many projects that are under eviction threat."


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The first episode of System Fail looks at the uprising that has swept across the US in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and the states efforts to contain them.

Featuring an interview with Oluchi Omeoga of @BlackVisionsMN@twitter.com and @reclaimtheblock@twitter.com.


[Extra] Anarchistische Perspektiven auf den Iran und Afghanistan
Wir veröffentlichen hiermit die deutsche Fassung eines Interviews, das The Final Straw Radio aus North Carolina mit einem Übersetzer der Anarchistischen

Bad News: Episode #35
BAD News #35: Angry Voices From Around The World

Welcome to the 35th edition of Bad News. This is our Angry Voices From Around The World for June, 2020. A report from the international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios.

If you’d like t

[Extra] Channel Zero Network: Staying safe at street actions (PSA)
As A-Radio Berlin we are part of the anarchist Channel Zero Network (CZN), an alliance of podcasts and radio shows in English language from around the world.

In the context of the recent BlackLivesM

Gericht hat heute geurteilt, dass die Bewohner*Innen die #Liebig34 verlassen müssen :face_with_symbols_on_mouth: #b0306

people are losing their eyes to rubber bullets, being gassed indiscriminately, and are being recorded. protest safely. your body & life is valuable.

Chile: Dirti Lepra – Trap, Anarchism & Revolution
The struggle is not only in the streets but in how we represent and inspire each other. In January 2020, the Anarchist Radio Berlin was with Dirti Lepra, a trap artist with whom we talked about why make music for dancing with social critique and revolution

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[Extra] El Salvador: eine anarchafeministische Perspective
Hiermit veröffentlichen wir die deutschsprachige Version eines Interviews, das The Final Straw Radio (TFSR) mit Elisa führte, einer Anarchafeministin aus San Salvador, der Haup

[Extra] El Salvador: An anarchafeminist perspective
We are now republishing an interview by The Final Straw Radio (TFSR) with Elisa, an anarchafeminist in San Salvador, El Salvador, talking about the neo-liberal government of Nayib Bukele’s

Chile: Dirti Lepra – Trap, anarquismo y revolución
Entrevista desde Santiago de Chile con Dirti Lepra (de enero de 2020). Una conversación sobre trap, dembow y música para vacilar con contenido revolucionario y crítica social. También hablamos de la revuelta, el clasismo y en donde estamos lxs anarquistas en to

Bad News: Episode #34
BAD News #34: Angry Voices From Around The World
Welcome to the 34th edition of Bad News. This is our Angry Voices From Around The World for May, 2020. A report from the international net

Bereits heute erster Prozess gegen Putzi-Bande! #dd1805 I 13:15 Uhr I Amtsgericht I Roßbachstraße 6 I Träume brauchen Räume I Solikundgebung II #Dresden #Solidarität

Brasilien: “Die Pandemie hat die Favela erreicht” (Interview)
Am 20. Aril 2020 konnten wir mit Timo, einem Mitglied des Kollektivs Roça de Rio aus Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien, ein Interview zu der Situation in der Favela Maré, sowie der Stadt und dem Land führen. Wir sprachen mit Timo schon einmal 2017.
Dieses deutschsprachige Interview liefert verschiedene Einblicke in den Umgang mit der Pandemie

Wayne Price comes on to talk history, anarchism, Marxist economics, State Capitalism and our need to year this miserable system down before it kills us.


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