6th Live International Radio Broadcast

Saturday - 13.2.2021, 14-22:00 CET!

Tune in:

Infos from Europe, North & South America.

* Radio work
* Covid19 & state repression
* Mutual aid
* (Anti)Prison
* Spanish slot

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After the first slot (the role of radio in today's environment) which concluded just now, you'll hear about , and the and antiauthoritarian response from around the world.
Starting at 15:30 CET

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International Live Radio Broadcast

After the next music you'll hear the third slot about mutual aid organizing!
This slot goes till 18:30 CET.

Tune in!

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International Radio Broadcast

Next up: (Anti-)Prison! (till 20:00)
* Live interview with prisoner in Greece
* Infos and background from different places

Tune in!

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too bad the stream interrupts after a few seconds... :( hope the'll record it?
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