Recién escuché la entrevista de @aradio_berlin a Dirti Lepra y está super bonita. El Dirti es un cabro muy vivo y sus canciones, junto a otras del mismo estilo, fueron la música que acompañaron mis días durante la revuelta.

Libertärer Podcast Augustrückblick 2020
Unsere dieses Mal 60-minütige Sendung blickt auf folgende Themen aus dem Vormonat zurück:

Operation Arca: Repression in Spanien

Blog des Projekts

Anarchistischer Urlaub im Erzgebirge: Spekt

España: La operación Arca y la represión contra el movimiento anarquista
Como Radio Anarquista de Berlín hemos tenido la oportunidad de hablar con compas del colectivo “Quemando arcas” que hace trabajo solidario entorno a una

Meanwhile in saxonian #Dresden not only nazis get organized! Anarchists are making Libertarian Days this weekend (10-13 September) with talks, discussions, food and info-tables. On Friday there will be a presentation on situation in #Belarus. via #Anarchism

What happens when prison reforms lead to more, invasive prison? How do we abolish? What could justice look like?

We chatted with #VikkiLaw about "Prison By Any Other Name" (co-authored with #MayaSchenwar, 2020 The New Press).

A-Infos: **Uk, Afed: Rebellion In Slovenia And Belarus - 2 Recent Anarchist Podcasts**

"Anarchistisches Radio Berlin (A-Radio Berlin) spoke recently to a comrade from the Federation for Anarchist Organizing (FAO) in Slovenia and Croatia. Amongst the topics discussed were the ongoing social uprising in Slovenia, the dynamics and challenges of such a movement in the Covid-19 context, st…"

#anarchism #bot

Con ahora personas interesadas tendrán acceso a una instancia de organizada por anarquistas - como alternativa a (o ).

¡La cuenta del proyecto en Mastodon es @kolektiva!

Die Transkription des Interviews von @aradio_berlin mit SubMedia und Antimidia über Kolektiva, der anarchistischen Videohosting und Mastodon-Instanz, hat uns A-Radio Berlin freundlicherweise zur Verfügung gestellt und ist nun bei uns online!

Mit steht interessierten Nutzer*innen jetzt auch eine anarchistisch betriebene -Instanz zur Verfügung - als Alternative zu (oder ).

findet ihr bei Mastodon unter @kolektiva!

Kolektiva: anarchistisches Videohosting und Mastodon-Instanz
Seit Juli 2020 gibt es mit eine Hosting-Möglichkeit für anarchistische, antiautoritäre und antikoloniale Videos, mit der entsprechenden Kollektiven und Videomacher*innen – vor dem Hintergrund offener (und al

Given FB's recent purge of anarchist and anti-fascist pages and accounts, it's LONG past time that we started building alternatives. To this end, Kolektiva has launched a new Mastodon server at Check it out and sign up for a free account today.

Belarus: Rebellion Against Dictatorship
As the Anarchist Radio Berlin, we gladly present this interview with an anarchist in Belarus on the current situaton in the country. Since weeks people are in the streets in the aftermath of the last election.

In the interview, recorded on the 31st of august 2020, we learn about underly


The #Facebook ban of so many anarchist and antifascist projects once more shows that corporate social media are not our friends (what a surprise). Thats one of the reasons we recommend #Mastodon. We started to build up an account there months ago:

Bad News: Episode #37
BAD News #37: Angry Voices From Around The World

Welcome to the 37th edition of Bad News. This is our Angry Voices From Around The World for August, 2020. A report from the international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios.

Check out all the shows look for the a-ra

Slovenia: Tactics and challenges in the ongoing social uprising
As A-Radio Berlin we had the opportunity of talking to a comrade from the Federation for Anarchist Organizing (FAO) in Slovenia and Croatia.

Amongst the topics were the ongoing social uprising in Slovenia, the dynami

El machi #CelestinoCórdova fue acusado a 18 de años de cárcel mediante uno de los juicios más irregulares, turbios y truculentos que se hayan visto en la historia judicial de Chile.

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