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things i should be doing instead of whatever's currently distracting me, a summary 

๐Ÿ’ผ if it's work hours, my actual job
:d20: polyhedra project
๐ŸŒ map projection project
๐ŸŽถ shape note singing practice
๐Ÿ“– read a book
๐Ÿถ play with the pets
๐Ÿ’ฌ talk to an actual person


We stopped watching Lupin III Part 1 because a) it's dumb and b) Crunchyroll wasn't loading and started watching Lupin III Part 5 instead. It's actually really good, apart from the few pointless filler episodes.

Wife is like "I've never watched a show with a One True Polycule before..."

Dandara: Trials of Fear is free on the Epic Store. It's a metroidvania where you move by kinda spiderman jumping? Dandara is a Brazilian folk hero and slave liberator, so there's probably a whole level of symbolism i'm missing. It's got a good atmosphere, they clearly took care with the art and music. I recommend it.

historical politics 

The Nazis did so much privatization that they are literally the reason "privatization" entered the English language.

meta meta 

Ah, a lengthy comment thread, I'm sure this will clear up everything and not leave me even more confused

uspol, sort of [2/2] 

The Cincinnati Gazette said, "The South cannot tolerate free speech anywhere, and would stifle it in Washington with the bludgeon and the bowie-knife, as they are now trying to stifle it in Kansas by massacre, rapine, and murder." [...]

A motion for Brooks' expulsion from the House failed, but he resigned on July 15 in order to permit his constituents to ratify or condemn his conduct via a special election. They approved; Brooks was quickly returned to office after the August 1 vote [...]

Keitt [a Representative from South Carolina who encouraged Brooks to beat Sumner] was censured by the House. He resigned in protest, but his constituents ratified his conduct by overwhelmingly reelecting him to his seat within a month.
A half-assed appeal to free speech, an ineffectual attempt by the House of Representatives to punish misbehavior by its members, and gaslighting. Everything old is new again.

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uspol, sort of [1/2] 

reading about the time a guy was almost beaten to death in congress

The episode revealed the polarization in America, which had now reached the floor of the Senate. Sumner became a martyr in the North and Brooks a hero in the South. [...]

Southerners mocked Sumner, claiming he was faking his injuries. They argued that the cane Brooks used was not heavy enough to inflict severe injuries. They also claimed that Brooks had not hit Sumner more than a few times, and had not hit him hard enough to cause serious health concerns. In fact, Sumner suffered head trauma that caused him chronic, debilitating pain for the rest of his life and symptoms consistent with what is now called traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder; he spent three years convalescing before returning to his Senate seat.

wound up switching to Spectrum Mobile, not that I particularly like Spectrum's cable internet and wanted to give them more of my money, it was just the least bad option

the most complicated part of switching was getting AT&T to tell me what my PIN was :P

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I'm finding these posts about GameStop suggesting that somehow reddit owned Wall Street to be sad. reddit triggered a big Wall Street firm to crash. but, another Wall Street firm, Citadel, made money on all sides of it. Citadel handles most of Robinhood's transactions, so they made money from every day trader who bought up GameStop, and will make money when they sell. meanwhile, Citadel bought Melvin, the hedge fund that crashed, so they got a bunch of assets at a big discount.

Why do I keep getting ads for "TenderMeets"

If you make an online dating service, you shouldn't give it a name that implies that the people on there might kill and eat you, that's the exact opposite of the framing you want


isn't this literally a pump-and-dump scheme

I wish "spectrum" wasn't the dominant term for things that can take a continuous range of values. That's a continuum, not a spectrum! Spectra (in both the physics and math senses) can be discrete, or even a finite number of values.

bluesite link, judaism, gender & trans stuff 

My friend just posted an in-depth essay on Tumblr about gender and headcoverings in Judaism, might interest some people here

Setting my outlook auto-reply at work to "not now, I'm doing hot girl shit"


made these brownies because i'm still trying to get rid of that whole wheat flour, they were pretty good but it's got two sticks of butter in it so i'd be surprised if it wasn't

mocking right-wingers 

Improbable Research had an article today, "Right-wing authoritarians aren't very funny [study]," and i'm like, you don't need a study to know that, just look anywhere on the internet, they're still using "TRIGGERED" and think it's hilarious


math shitpost 

"I'll cut you!"

-Dedekind, probably

someday this comic ( ) will stop being relevant whenever a corporation mentions "studies show our product works", but it is not today, and tomorrow's not lookin' good either

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"hey how can we make this site even more toxic"
"let's try normalizing bullying"
"sure, that's worth a shot"


every song in this sounds like they told someone to improvise a song for Lupin the Third but didn't actually tell them what or who Lupin the Third was. the theme is just some dude singing "Lupin the Third" in different ways, and there's an insert song that starts off "Lupin, he's a nice man, but he's cool"

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Lupin the Third part 1 makes very little sense

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