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things i should be doing instead of whatever's currently distracting me, a summary 

people all over the world: *perform domestic crafts and labor*
white people: is this an aesthetic?
other white people: more importantly, is this aesthetic fascist?

the right to bear arms applies to everyone except white men. that's what the drafters of the constitution intended

revolutionary girl utena 

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music, lewd 

they said they were a sublime cover band, but they weren't sublime at all

I am glad everyone found my animation to be satisfying! Here is a bonus version with a soundtrack.

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textual information >>>>>>>>> videos

you can't ctrl+f with videos

tumblr (joke) 

fivethirtyeight article: yo dawg i heard you like bias so policing put bias in their bias so they can be biased while they're biased

Is the production on rtj4 deep fried or do my headphones just suck :RTJ1: :RTJ2:

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