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*placing my lips against the microphone, my tongue almost resting on it* "Tumblr"

- "Would you like fries with that?"
- "Yes"
- "Sir this is a McDonald's"

- "I know, why are you telling me this?"

You newbies may be asking yourself "what's Bofa?"


Tired: Gender reveal parties
Wired: Gender repeal parties

i know exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop,but i may not tell u, because the feds are watcing my every move

@spookcentral a federated series of tin cans connected with strings should work. I'd get one

Ha ha ha server downtime cannot stop 0-time MVP and Basketball Superstar Anthony Davis from posting

Message to everyone new coming over from Tumblr:

There is only one Anthony Davis account, and any others are imposters. Please do not follow them

At this point I just assume that everyone who favorites any tweet of mine has a crush on me.

@Pepsi he deleted his whole account for a bit. That was absolutely legendary. I also changed instances just because he asked

@citrustwee @Pepsi every time I drink from a can of pepsi my dick gets bigger. Now, I have no reason to assume that this is thanks to the blessing of a poster so powerful he once performed the greatest bit of all time, a family man of incomparable wholesomeness, unrepentant emo, flawless friend, who manages to both be straight AND valid, the uncancellable performer of what's poppings and softblocker of followers. But then again, I have no reason to assume its not him either.

I am training myself to exhibit ice-cold composure in almost every life circumstance except for gaming

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