dumb lewd joke (cont.) 

"But radical" you might say "I don't think you understand, I produce a LOT of nut milk" well you fine folks out there, I've got you all covered as well. If you make a truly prodigious amount of nut milk then you need to get yourself a Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag

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@Alumina @anthonydavis i am dual-weilding but that's because i didn't read carefully enough about how badly my def would drop

if hulk hogan wasn't his name, there would probably be a lot of people who were very upset about a guy signing his posts "-HH"

Follow me if you think like 500 people should be murdered to save the planet.

@anthonydavis Anthony Davis can fukken get it and that's my professional opinion

This is not true, actually. You can make an account on any server. Stop lying for clout.

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god damn, did anyone else see bernie hooping? he was popping off

A lot of Tumblr folks are asking me how I have two accounts.

You don't just "make" another account. You have to dual spec and spend a lot of time allocating points before you get as good at posting on two accounts at once.

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