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transition updates 


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Okay .. I officially like single-column so much better omfg

transition updates 

What the hell.

My insurance is filling my estrodiol every month.

These bottles last nearly 3mo ea.

If you don't put cock sauce on everything we can't be friends.


Celebrated HRTmas with a tattoo, wine, foods and silly debauchery with my kitten and friends.

Hecc, I feel so spoiled.

Then I wake up to cuddles and smooches and now waiting for coffee, then it's time for work.

There is no point to this post other than that I appreciate where I am right now, in this moment.

And I'm grateful to be here.

Tattoos, nocap 

Jeez, Gothminister is SO cheese but for some reason I have totally fallen for them WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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transition update/stuff, enormous+ 

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