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🎶Get me down low, keep me down low
A girl in a cage, a rat on a wheel
If I miss a pill, *she* says-- Kill, kill
Keep me down low, head goes on the shoulder
I'll try staying alive until I'm older
Spin the wheel of a chemical revolver
I put it all on black
Keep me down low, doctor said so
There's things in the past that I never let go
But I'm just a girl and I wanna go home🎶

What the hecc; I lost 11 followers - but why tho.

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Y'all, I have the worst hiccups right now.

selfie, ec, boost+ 

These kinds of days and feels remind me how much I need to be better tomorrow than I was today. I feel like I might let folks down and I don't want that.

I dunno y'all it's just nice to give back.

"Be the person you needed when you were younger." and all that jazz.

And for those curious, I am "Goth Mom" and "Mod Mom", respectively.

Maybe it's the progesterone talking but the fact that I have a few lovely enbies who affectionately refer to me as some variation of "mom" warms my heart. It feels nice to be able to be in a position where folks look up to me.

It's like I'm some kind of role model. Hecc.

Thinking I might spend tomorrow working out a tech version of my modpack.

I wanted to like Sky Factory 4 but it just feels so meh.

Also bonus negatives for having a Pepe icon in the advancements.

selfie, ec, boost+++ 

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