When I was a kid, my brothers and I often roughhoused. My pacifist mother was ok with this, presumably because we all enjoyed doing it - it wasn't *real* violence, just "violent" play. But she did set certain ground rules. Whether we were wrestling, roughhousing, having "swordfights" with sticks we found in the woods, tickling each other, teasing each other, if someone said "Please Stop" you had to stop what you were doing, no questions asked, no matter what.

what I'm saying is, my mother taught my brothers and I about safewords.


you can teach consent without talking about sex

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@anomaly It happens literally everyday that one of my daycare kids touches another child (e.g. to feel their hair, to play doctor or barber, to tickle them etc) and it takes a few seconds to ask them whether or not they asked the other child for permission. Opportunities to teach kids about consent are so common

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