@anomaly thx for this now I can't get the song out of my head again :blobcatsad:

@anomaly this is like the lyrics to a downward spiral-era nin song

@extinct @anomaly ....now i definitely want to hear that cover

see how the master works, having long known of the apprentice

@extinct @anomaly briefly searched in case it had already happened, instead found an ~artist's rendition~ of this speculative reality youtube.com/watch?v=IDcTXiLWBP

@anomaly Now I'm gonna have Annie Lennox singing in my head for the rest of the day!

@anomaly hahaha oh wow we just looked up the pronunciation on this one and our one libertarian nerd acquaintance is totally pronouncing it wrong, apparently it is meant to rhyme with "jesus"

@anomaly granted. it was the best pun we could find, at least until we learned it's not pronounced "meez" like we've heard it

@anomaly this is illegally good i'm sorry to inform you you're under arrest

I'm being terrible again 


lib-rights be like...


(but, like, you can spank me...spank me dammit!)


On croirait les paroles d'un tube interplan茅taire de Eurythmics, non ?

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