the deligitimization of derivative works as "fanfiction" is a result of the late-capitalistic institution of extremely long copyright terms. In this essay I will

@anomaly Original works is a myth. Everything has a basis in something else.

@anomaly so... writing fanfiction confirmed for praxis?

@anomaly and all the Greek myths in their hundreds of (fragmentary) extant versions are fanfic remixes

@wednesday exactly! contemporary fandoms should function like mythologies - a common universe that anyone can have their own spin or commentary on. copyright law prevents that, maintaining corporate control over the dominant narratives of the culture

@anomaly I read a piece not long ago that talked about the two predominant fan approaches (curatorial and transformative? something like that now I gotta go look it up... blergh, no luck. But basically a 'collect and codify all the canon' is one common fandom approach and another the 'riff off these stories and make new things' approach and often the two are at odds when fans think there's only one way to fan.

I'm suuuuuper grateful #AO3 exists

@anomaly the bible is also fanfic. new testament is a crossover of the torah with krishna. book of mormon is a fanfic on top of that, adding an america arc. quran is fanfic of torah and new testament, retconning a few things but mostly true to the source material. torah is the yaweh fandom/spinoff from babylonian and canaanite stories

@substack @anomaly Can't remember who wrote that religions are basically old and successful fandoms, but that rings very true.

@anomaly the divine comedy and arthurian legend are my favorite stock examples of this

most greek myths are as well, like that whole thing about medusa's tragic backstory? a fanfic of a character that previously was pure monster, on the level of "what if the big bad wolf had a backstory and was relatable"

mythos in general as a concept thrives on fanfic (actually wrote that in the margins of an exam about literary terms), because a mythos is built upon, shaped by more than one person's hands, and piecewise added to over time

related: comic book shared universes, that's basically folklore but with a degree of knowing it's made up; me making a spider-man comic right now is a fanfic as much as an official Marvel(tm) spider-man comic is, the difference being that one gets propagated much more quickly, which leads me into the study of memes as self-replicating and sometimes competing units of culture but that's enough for this one really big toot already

@anomaly Arthurian legends? Amateurs.

Wait 'till I tell you about the gnostic gospels!

@anomaly and then everybody clapped.

i guess the story is sort of a fanfiction itself
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