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Pronouns update:

Hey folks! I'm not sure if it's the end-all and be-all, or final term, but I'm pretty sure at this point that I'm genderfluid, and am updating my pronouns to he/they/she. Feel free to refer to me by any of these pronouns (or any others, really, except "it" or plural pronouns).

If I'm being particularly feminine, you are encouraged to refer to me as she (but don't have to). If I'm in a Mood™ I might request a specific pronoun (like she) and would appreciate it if you use it in that thread or at that time.

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So, there's this concept of "implicit feudalism" in online communities. Essentially, the vast majority of online communities - from old-school forums, to facebook groups, to large platforms like Twitter and Facebook themselves, even to fediverse instances - they're all run as dictatorships by default. It's built into the software - you'll have a top admin who has full, unconstrained power, they might delegate mods who have some limited powers, and anyone else has to listen to what these dictators and lords tell them. We talk about "federating" here in the fediverse, but each individual community - as far as I'm aware of - is a little dictatorship. A federation of dictatorships is not a free society, anymore than the UN, an international body composed of "liberal democracies" and authoritarian regimes is truly democratic. We need a way to start governing online communities through actual forms of democracy.


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trying to read an article and discover that it's been taken down, or your employer blocks the domain? (maybe because it's a labor organizing website...) Use Google's cached version, or the Internet Archive, to read it.

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for all of our sakes, teaching the next generation of men empathy, and generally dismantling toxic masculinity, must be a top societal priority

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hi I like friends and also am a thirsty polyam but am also mega shy and don't like bothering people so like feel free to dm me or reply to me I am full of love and affection


ngl, I love it when songs have samples of ppl cumming (or that sound like that) in them

🎶 we're always sleeping in
simping for the wrong team 🎶

dead fascist 

One of Argentina's dictators died by slipping in the shower. I feel like that's a fitting death for a fascist. They all dream of going out in a blaze of glory, so death by slapstick is likely the last thing the want

I'm thinking I should start sunsetting radtown.

@cambrian_era radtown is my first and only account in all the fediverse, I've never felt the need to go elsewhere, it's such a great community.

Thanks for all the work and passion 💕

@cambrian_era this instance was like a home to me while i was on it, it'll be sad to see it go

Antitrust enforcement is virtually a dead letter in America (it was killed 40 years ago by Reagan's court sorcerer Robert Bork, better known as the Nixonite criminal who couldn't get approved for a SCOTUS seat).

But even when we WERE enforcing antitrust, we tended to pump the brakes during economic crises: no one wants to put additional constraints on business during a downturn.

That's wrong. Antitrust enforcement isn't an economic drag, it's an economic STIMULUS.


boost =/= endorsement

boost + fave = endorsement

boost = endorsement - fave

boost - endorsement = -fave

boost = -fave + endorsement

boost = endorsement

Those who oppose #EndToEndEncryption oppose privacy, human rights, personhood, and democracy.

They are not your friends.

They are the ones who want what the Stasi never had: eyes and ears on everyone, all the time.

You lose this battle, you lose it all.

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