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trying to read an article and discover that it's been taken down, or your employer blocks the domain? (maybe because it's a labor organizing website...) Use Google's cached version, or the Internet Archive, to read it.

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(1/3) Call for recommendations: what's the best note-taking app?

I'm looking for something to bridge the gap between paper-and-pencil and typical computer interfaces, which is cross-platform and accessible via the cloud. When you need to write down ideas fast, and those ideas involve something other than just text - writing up little diagrams to express software architecture or organization planning or draw a picture of something or what have you - or you need to rapidly organize things visually into hierarchical lists so that there's some semblance of structure to the ideas your taking, without taking up precious time thinking about how to muck around with some formatting UI to do that, nothing seems to beat paper and pencil/pen.

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for all of our sakes, teaching the next generation of men empathy, and generally dismantling toxic masculinity, must be a top societal priority

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left-wing memery long predates gritty: "The Anarchist trade unions have adopted Popeye as their own pet mascot. . . . Everywhere they sell pins, scarves and statues of Popeye waving an anarchist flag of black and red. Betty Boop is also much in favor among the Anarchists, but Mickey Mouse, who is the idol of the people, is so popular that [it] is necessary that he be non-partisan." - Lois Orr, as quoted in "Spain in our Hearts"

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hi I like friends and also am a thirsty polyam but am also mega shy and don't like bothering people so like feel free to dm me or reply to me I am full of love and affection

@nymph @cosmicevan oh yeah. I crush hard pretty much anywhere. The worst, straightest part about me is that I'm a starstruck twelve year old if I see a pretty waitress.

basically, don't use the fediverse for anything you wouldn't want coming up in a court of law, because it's not secure for that. It's just not a tool that's built for secure political organizing. There's ongoing discussion about potentially making it secure, but that doesn't have an easy solution for a bunch of technical reasons, so for now it's just not. Use Signal or another encrypted, secure chat app. Don't harbor any illusions that you can discuss anything seditious on here safely.

but at the same time, fuck cops, we should 100% be banning them from being on the fediverse, not because it will make our information more secure, but because fuck them, we don't want them around here. It's not a matter of infosec, but a matter of not wanting to associate with the bastards. Come back with a warrant or not at all, asshole.

"I hate public transit because it brings gentrification wherever it goes"

Public transit isn't the problem, here. Gentrification is the problem and it's using public transit as a tool to methodically spread, but that doesn't mean we need to stop building it. Part of the solution, honestly, is to build it more, build it faster, and build it for *everyone*.

Turning Point USA, the far-right astroturfing group, is holding an event at #NCSU tomorrow at 5:30 to 8:30pm. Charlie Kirk, of TPUSA, and Lara Trump, Eric Trump's wife, will be speaking.

A coalition of students plan to protest this event, but campus police are inhibiting organization. Last night, they detained two organizers.

If you can make it to Wolf Plaza on NCSU's campus in #Raleigh #NorthCarolina tomorrow, please do. Show the university we don't want that around us.

Four authoritarian groups opposed to all forms of difference killed Yiddish culture: the Nazis, the Soviet Union, the McCarthyists, and the Zionists.

I hate it when I crack a geode and there's a note inside that lists the time, place, and method of my death

i have been forcibly reminded the voyager plates basically constitute a mixtape, unsolicited nudes, and directions to where we live

hot take: labels are good actually, and changing how we interact to avoid them fundamentally misunderstands how language works

the toxicity that we blame on label-based discussions isn't the fault of the labels, but of other more opaque ways of thinking. labels are just a convenient target, and blaming that linguistic feature is a way of dodging real more difficult problems like the paradox of tolerance

straight people who think it's bad to make your sexuality your whole personality never talk about anything but Parks and Rec, the Office, Gamer Thrones, Harry Potter, and Marvel fillums

a police officer: hello sorry to disturb you ma'am, I've received reports that someone in the area has been having an unlicensed religious expeβ€”
[I have slammed the door in his face and am already packing my essentials into a suitcase]

a security guard: [shining a flashlight in my face] Who are you?!
me, fists full of office supplies: You're going to have to be more specific.

[bourgeois sophisticate voice] you simply must try the volcanic slag

'religious' vs. 'spiritual' is one of those contrasts that is extremely important to people who have almost no conscious insight into what it is they think makes those two things distinct

(and if they do, in my experience, it relies on an unspoken equation of 'religious' with 'Christian')

I have a deep vendetta against the phrase "I'm spiritual, not religious" that I never really get to express because that phrase is perhaps most popular with people who have orientations to religion, spirituality, and magic that are similar to mine

Mastodon Is Thriving, And Many Blame Whomever The Fuck

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