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So, there's this concept of "implicit feudalism" in online communities. Essentially, the vast majority of online communities - from old-school forums, to facebook groups, to large platforms like Twitter and Facebook themselves, even to fediverse instances - they're all run as dictatorships by default. It's built into the software - you'll have a top admin who has full, unconstrained power, they might delegate mods who have some limited powers, and anyone else has to listen to what these dictators and lords tell them. We talk about "federating" here in the fediverse, but each individual community - as far as I'm aware of - is a little dictatorship. A federation of dictatorships is not a free society, anymore than the UN, an international body composed of "liberal democracies" and authoritarian regimes is truly democratic. We need a way to start governing online communities through actual forms of democracy.


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trying to read an article and discover that it's been taken down, or your employer blocks the domain? (maybe because it's a labor organizing website...) Use Google's cached version, or the Internet Archive, to read it.

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for all of our sakes, teaching the next generation of men empathy, and generally dismantling toxic masculinity, must be a top societal priority

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left-wing memery long predates gritty: "The Anarchist trade unions have adopted Popeye as their own pet mascot. . . . Everywhere they sell pins, scarves and statues of Popeye waving an anarchist flag of black and red. Betty Boop is also much in favor among the Anarchists, but Mickey Mouse, who is the idol of the people, is so popular that [it] is necessary that he be non-partisan." - Lois Orr, as quoted in "Spain in our Hearts"

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hi I like friends and also am a thirsty polyam but am also mega shy and don't like bothering people so like feel free to dm me or reply to me I am full of love and affection

Dont let western new age spiritualist/healers that still have not deconstructed their hyper individualistic views of healing convince you that healing must occur completely alone or else something is wrong with you. Its just not true. Healing also occurs in relationships and community and its really important to not disregard that. We’re literally social creatures!!! Healthy relationships with secure attachment are important and incredibly meaningful healing from trauma

god how does anyone do it. how does anyone function

:sparkles_trans: :sparkles_trans: you don't need dyshopria to be trans, you don't need a diagnosis to be trans, you don't need to do anything to be trans but decide you are trans :sparkles_trans: :sparkles_trans:

pleasant surprise? no sir I said you're in for a "peasant surprise"
*I impale my feudal lord with a pitchfork as the other farmers are yelling "gottem"*

From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

Despite all my rage I'm still just another brick in the wall

when skel said to work on your dumbass levels I don't think he meant that I should stay up all night for no fucking reason again

*yes* I know Bigfoot and before you ask, the answer is “not as big as you would expect”.

1960s and 1970s California Guy With Money is such a real thing

“When did you decide to keep the ‘tiddy dragon’?”

“From the start, I said I would be uncomfortable to remove the ‘tiddy dragon’ from the script. In so many ways, the ‘tiddy dragon’ embodies the heart of the film. A struggle that is not romantic, or political, but existential.”

Ultimately, we chose Guillermo because we felt he was the only director who could nail the complex balance of delicate romance and surreal horniness

you can never go back home, you have to make a new one

a buddy movie where the two bros get married

not as a bit, but because they realize they love each other and they're gay

i hope the first aliens we make contact with are just as weird and horny as we are, it’d be such a shame otherwise

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