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Hi folks here's my for now!

I'm andrew (he or they) & 27 years old. I've been on the internet for a very long time.

I like to talk about science fiction, vintage computers, and goofposting.

I like old computers and game systems but will keep the technical talk on a different account. Someday I'm going to learn how to program.

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oh, here are the characters i drew a few years ago for a video game I want to make, Sockmonkey's Day Off!

They are based on real stuffed animals and their adventures together and apart

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imagine being Buzz Aldrin and 15 minutes after Apollo 11 takes off you realize you have your car keys in your pocket and you think "great now I have to keep track of these"

just learned about Grob's Attack, "the worst possible opening move in chess"

that in Italian, they don't have the phrase "happy wife, happy life".

Instead, they say "anno bisesto anno funesto"

which means "leap year, doomed year"

Taking a break from life to focus on my Mastodon account

My goal is to be hot and confident enough to get away with posting cringe

how gross is their gross domestic product? like they make a lot of slime or something?

Forget GrubHub. I used it to order pickup from a restaurant I'd never been to so that I could see the menu. I waited 12 minutes and then went to the shop, and the guy hadn't made the order because he was waiting for the GH driver to be assigned.

Next time I'm writing down my order and calling. No coercive UI, and no middleman charging overhead.

They mentioned eating primate pellets on NPR last night and I almost crashed my truck

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traditionally lewd 

wanna federate with aliens but aliens won't federate with us

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