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oh, here are the characters i drew a few years ago for a video game I want to make, Sockmonkey's Day Off!

They are based on real stuffed animals and their adventures together and apart

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Hi folks here's my for now!

My name's andrew (he or they), 27 years old. I've been on the internet for a very long time.

I like to talk about science fiction stories, vintage computers, leftist politics and goofposting.

I like old computers and game systems but will keep the technical talk on a different account. Someday I'm going to learn how to program.

Does anyone else squirt a couple pumps of soap onto their dish whenever they're out of cilantro?

I took
just a


T e S t

t u r n z o u t



da ba dee da ba daa
da ba dee da ba daa
da ba dee da ba daa

fediverse meta shitpost 

One of these days I'm gonna have the spoons to start posting on here! I followed too many people, got overwhelmed, and fell back to my smaller alt at @68km

Requesting :galaxy_brain: emoji for dank homebrewed memes ! bOost if haGreed

guy who doesn’t understand that he got kidnapped:
do y’all remember when i got citizens arrested last year and everybody in our family pitched in to pay bail. was that wild or what. what did i like, even do, really. i still don’t know

if anyone’s gonna ask me what mastodon is i’m just gonna show them this picture

There's a old barbershop chair in the woods on the highway island off I-95, and on the first Tuesday of every month I go there and brush off the leaves and sit down and sooner or later a man comes out of the woods and cuts my hair. I pay him in plastic milk rings and confederate dollars and he does a pretty good job so I don't ask any questions. He never speaks and I've never seen his face. I've been doing this for twenty years.

Theoretically, since whales can be milked, it is possible to create whale cheese.
I present this knowledge to you freely, mastodon. Do with it what you will

i’m really into angel/demon couples right now for reasons that are probably painfully obvious (good omens ruined my brain) #oc #angel #demon #wlw

Look, “Hamburglar” is an honorific. His real name is Martin, and since term limits for the Hamburglar are set at 8 years, you have to stop calling him that.

anybody remember [looks at clipboard] big tiddy [drops clipboard] oh... fuck... uh... lemme just [picks up clipboard] big tiddy uh... [looks at clipboard again and drops it a second time] shit. vape... uh... ape?

Raise your hand if this single page taught you more about Nazi history than your entire high school curriculum

eye doctor: okay I want you to close your eyes
me: uwu
doc: now open your left eye
me: uwo
doc: good now your right
me: owu
doc: okay great you're all done!
me: owo

Who decided to call it questioning your gender and not being a

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