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Hi folks here's my for now!

I'm andrew (he or they) & 27 years old. I've been on the internet for a very long time.

I like to talk about science fiction, vintage computers, and goofposting.

I like old computers and game systems but will keep the technical talk on a different account. Someday I'm going to learn how to program.

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oh, here are the characters i drew a few years ago for a video game I want to make, Sockmonkey's Day Off!

They are based on real stuffed animals and their adventures together and apart

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maybe the real pee was stored in our balls along the way

Maybe the real balls were the pee we stored along the way

He borrows Trumps phone and tries to order coffee and tweets Covefefe.

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Pitching my new "Forrest Gump time travelller reboot" to netflix

nsfw text, theory joke, non-protest-related 

when you flex your muscles to help you pee, that's kegelian diuretics

forcibly drafted into the army because I kept failing to pronounce "conscientous objection"

just learned about Grob's Attack, "the worst possible opening move in chess"

that in Italian, they don't have the phrase "happy wife, happy life".

Instead, they say "anno bisesto anno funesto"

which means "leap year, doomed year"

Taking a break from life to focus on my Mastodon account

My goal is to be hot and confident enough to get away with posting cringe

how gross is their gross domestic product? like they make a lot of slime or something?

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