when Ari said “you should know I’m temporary” in bad idea I felt that

what should I get my magic wand for valentine’s day


booty shorts with “Undesirable No 1” written on the ass

mitski: I know that I ended it
me: 🤙🏻😎
mitski: but why won’t you chase after me?
me: 😣😩

feminism is about looking through your own selfies and thinking about how beautiful you are, that’s all it is

hit me up if u wanna check out my funeral playlist it slaps

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date me and you’ll have the pleasure of receiving such chaotic texts at 3 pm on a thursday

me making everyone who has the misfortune of conversing with me listen to me ramble about the Fyre Festival

all credit to @anarchawinemom (specifically, for finding it somewhere else on the internet, lol)

some of y’all have never been involuntarily hospitalized and it shows

starting 2019 with the same energy lorde had when she wrote melodrama

what stage of crisis is signalled by eating toast and ugly crying in the bath at 10 am

bugs bunny was the first successful eco-terrorist

raise your hand if you are the antagonist of your own life!!!

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