"lali is bullying mentally unwell people" i am a mentally unwell person, where the hell is my support? where the hell was the support for PV and all the mods there that suffered vile, racist attacks on the daily? why did i only see outpouring of support AFTER PV left the fedi? why were Black and Indigenous people called eugenicists and race scientists by ~spicy whites~ for asserting boundaries and protecting their own communities? fuck off.

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too goddamn many of you are so sure you would be on the right side of history thats past, yet what are you doing? if the answer is coddling and goofing off with people that have been repeatedly shown to be anti-black, anti-indigenous on this platform, well congrats, you would have been a sniveling fucking nazi sympathizer in the 1940s too. you would have averted your eyes during the jim crowe era and pretended not to see, or whispered that this wouldnt happen if they just knew their place.

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monstergirl fiction would be great if straight guys weren't writing it because they always go "oh yeah and she has HHH cups too!!!" and like who gets off to this this woman probably has spine damage

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writing erotica where nonbinary lesbians are lovers of monster girls and becoming the richest person in history

the hammer is the vajra, the weapon of indra, rudra, and shiva, and the sickle is the symbol kali. the hammer and sickle together thus symbolise the union of shiva-shakti. in this ess

In 2016, I finally joined Twitter and started following a bunch of famous people because I wanted to know what was going on.

I eventually started noticing people I had never seen before had me blocked, and realized that it was because they were blocking anyone who follows XYZ Shitty Tech Man.

Where 👏 are 👏 the 👏 plus👏 size👏 catgirls👏 ?

blm activism 2020, uspol, orpol, pdx, police brutality, donation recommendation, street medics 

Rosehip Medics have been working almost 2 months straight to help injured protesters in Portland. if you can spare a few bucks, please toss them in here.

oh, an *european* union? please tell me more about this not-at-all racist concept

tired: Death of the Author

wired: Death of your Heroes

@Cyborgneticz I don’t think most people are aware that publishers are basically landlords that both require money to “make space” for a publication and then “rent out” that publication to the people that want to read it

people know that academics don't get paid for publications right?

call me crazy but i think your interview process should involve doing the things you would actually do at work. discuss pros of cons of different architectures for a new feature. talk about automated build systems. talk about a design problem you solved recently. when the shit are my coworkers ever gonna be writing out pseudocode for a sorting algorithm on a whiteboard.

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maybe it's just me, but I don't like it when people boost the entire contents of a thread at once, it spams the timeline imo especially if it's a long thread


the virgin "na + nb = n(a+b)"
vs the chad "If any number of magnitudes are each the same multiple of the same number of other magnitudes, then the sum is that multiple of the sum."

how long do you have to be on hormones before your women's intuition grows in

Spraypainting the words "communism" on my massive hog and then strolling in fully nude into the "victims of communism" memorial

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