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hi everyone im alexis !! i remade from another instance and im a 20 yr old lesbian and a graphic design major and i make art sometimes. also i love comics and ive gotten into dnd recently
also tieflings are cool goodnight

I have an idea for a podcast.

We find two neighboring wyoming ranchers who don't have cellphones, and a third guy who's big on weird Twitter. Every episode, the twitter guy spends the first ten minutes trying to explain what's happening on Twitter that week. Then he is removed from the studio, and the remaining fifty minutes are left for the ranchers to fill the time as they see fit. Usually they just talk about what's happening on their farms. Animal births, farming tips, etc.

biggest tragedy of all is tieflings cant wear hats

starbound is a fun game bc even tho its technically a space game i can use magic staves as weapons and wear a plague doctor's mask and build a very creepy, very tall tower with a dungeon and lava pit if i want to. only downside is there is no way to actually lock npc's inside the dungeon

my interactive design minor is weird because so far its been classes going over stuff i already know from my graphic design major and in far less depth. like ok

hello it's me and @pbandkate 's anniversary please give us boosts thanx

special thanks to @citrustwee for allowing this particular break in reality.

i thought ppl were joking about reggie retiring at first because the guy replacing him's last name is bowser

Tired of wargaming and adventuring on the same old battlefields? I've got you covered!

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