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hi everyone im alexis !! i remade from another instance and im a 20 yr old lesbian and a graphic design major and i make art sometimes. also i love comics and ive gotten into dnd recently
also tieflings are cool goodnight

would love to try some stardew mods but unfortunately it takes more than 2 seconds of brain power to install them and i just cant dedicate that kind of time

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instead of the cantrip firebolt, consider taking the cantrip firbolg. you point your finger and a nice firbolg appears, gives a lil wave and disappears back into the woods

speaking of barbies i dont think girls play with them the way the company intends. i remember i had one barbie whose head had popped off and we couldnt fix her so i had her carry it around under her arm all the time. she was usually the villain seeing how she was undead and all

you just cant beat nostalgic christmas memories from when you were 4 apparently

-"best gift youve ever received?"

(me, 20 yrs old, having received gifts in recent years that i use all the time and love and cherish like my drawing tablet or my very comfy chair)

-"uhhhhhhh barbie rapunzel tower"

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my aunt posted this pic of her cat to fb where it looks like he's ominously hovering lol

my nature cleric now whacks ppl w her 10 ft pole and its a blast and a half. dnd good game

> play a druid or nature cleric
> take the cantrip shillelagh
> purchase a 10 ft pole from a general store for 5 cp
> cast shillelagh on your 10 ft pole in combat
> you now have a quarterstaff with a 10 ft reach yeehaw

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was no one gonna tell me chamomile tea doesnt taste good. was i just supposed to find that out on my own

wish i could put "graphic design student dangerous and at large" as the subject line of my professional emails

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why were they called air nomads if they lived in temples

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now that i think abt it i remember the women's world cup 4 years ago being an integral part of my lesbian awakening

never understood the appeal of sports until i saw megan rapinoe w my lesbian eyes

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