Kink article 

This piece from Chingy’s substack should have put an end to the tiresome kink discourse:
“Rather than just accepting that we’re allowed to dislike something other people enjoy, we’ve developed an ugly tendency to moralize our objections to that which makes us feel othered or uncomfortable.”

Read the whole thing.🖤

deplatform transphobes (push them off of a very high platform)

Morning everyone. I really appreciate this space and the people here. It's been positive for me in a way that online engagement hasn't been in a long time. Thanks for being pretty cool people who mostly aren't trying to recreate the energy of a vicious high school cafeteria as adults.

actually serious non shitpost 

anyway im posting here because i genuinely want to put a giant fucking line between my normal account and my shitposting account. i do not feel comfy around monads posters on my main acc atm and even mentioning that on my main account led to me getting particularly shitty messages from someone on that specifically had a thing in their bio to tell plural people to not follow them. like idk how to like. get across to yall that thats not the way

woah!!!!!!!! space is so fucking big!!! holy shit!!!! woah!!!!!!

oh wait no its just my closet

the question is not "do they sit on burger king burgers???" the question is, do they do it pantsless or with pants.

and that my friend, is up to you

guy after cupping his ear to the wind, rowing across the ocean, running hundreds of miles in the desert, and backflipping into the coffee shop you're in: hi so i dont mean to interrupt ha ha but i couldn't help overhearing what you just said about...

confetti, falling from your cieling. it is three am. and once again i am hanging from the rafters with my confetti box

i will never stop

gleuing a police siren to my head and telling my girlfriend to set me on fire for "valentines day"

if u dont do this at least once every month you are a coward and i WILL hunt yo u down

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yuo can tell a cowa rd by the fact that they never kiss you on the forehead

with this money from selling my ass to the highest bidder, i can replace it with pure gold. this to,o will go up in price, until i a m queen of the world

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the trick to "owning" an ass is to never shit

bcos it in creases in value the lesss you shit

oh golly gee, i say. i have hit gold. i pull the gold statue from my nostril, once again completing my tues day ritual

i will, never stop posting. im insufferable, like your mom's wife's ass

"golly i like this toot"

then "like" it by pressing the "like" butto,n. coward

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