I kinda wish reposters could be tagged something other than "bot."

Having a living, breathing person be labelled as a bot makes me uncomfortable regardless of technical accuracy.

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You're not really a Japanese company until you have:
- A web page without HTTPS, that contains nearly no information and looks designed in 1960
- A fax number
- yahoo.co.jp, gmail, or Hotmail emails
- A phone that goes straight to voicemail
- Have workers die on you
- Sabotage unions

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Roll over, puppy eyes... Death glares are where it's *at*

pls donate i want to raise this surgery money asap


any paypal/cash app donations will be moved over myself so i can add it to the full total!! unfortunately i can’t get venmo & cash app doesn’t do international transfers because i’m based on the UK so paypal and the gofundme are the best bet 💕

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