why couldn't jesus resurrect himself on a monday so we could have a long weekend? not very worker friendly of him

"barefoot is legal" is a gateway drug to anarchoprimitivism

*ominously stroking a bunny in their lap* Khajiit have hares if you have coin


assigned at birth

when the doctor delivered me he just said "yep" and called it a night

β€œIt’s not a phase mom!” I yell as I adorn the crown splattered with enemy blood and remove the scepter from Cthulhu’s lifeless tentacle.

*readying for a pillow fight in a cat-shaped nightgown* khajiit have truth or dares if you have coin

re: Recommended Instance Block (Media contains: Racism, Antisemitism) Show more

Recommended Instance Block (Media contains: Racism, Antisemitism) Show more

boyfriends ranked by fluff level
Bruzer, aka Me: Fuckin POOF, yall, like, wOah this tiger's Wow
@Seajun_ : short-furred but very smooth and good
@aidenagreen : Data Missing; value null

love when my phone corrects β€˜vore’ to β€˜core’ so i look like a fuckin idiot in the vore groupchats

under my communism you'll be allowed to smoke weed in the library

Has anyone ever done a movie that utilizes the manic pixie dream girl trope but from the girl's perspective. Play it completely straight otherwise. Make it seem like she has absolutely no life outside of interaction with the not-protagonist. Make it like The Truman Show if it followed one of the actors. Make it seem like she's barely even a person. Make it stark and haunting. Have the tone start out cute and quirky and hipstery, but then get more and more uncomfortable. make the audience feel more and more sick about what's happening as time goes on.

finding an apartment, cleaning, and packing all while also working full time is stressful y'all

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