I know these are tragic last words almost every time but I think I need bangs

i dont need to write that idea down ill remember it * i forget it instantly* a h shit. ah fuck

i’ve got that look in my eyes (exhausted)

wait there's an officially licensed game of thrones scam casino app?????????????

bad health stuff, but not mine 

what is it about CCR's "Fortunate Son" that just makes white boys lose it?

I just need y'all to know that I haven't been able to stop about thinking of the concept of "you're gone" since october 27. I am haunted by the fear that someone will do this one day

thanks @hyperlink @selontheweb

yes I did my spotify wrapped, no you don't get to know any more than that

not to flex on y'all but a Doctor Siddon works near me so........

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