one of the top comments on 100 gec's "money machine" music video is "This is just crazy frog for gay ppl"

almost just sent a post about catholicism and then deleted it, you're welcome

you ever think about how "can not ever," "can't ever," and "can never" are the same but also different?

I understand the definition of a time signature but I have no idea how that actually works

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I still have no idea how literally anything in music works

thor, but communist. he has a partner that wields a magic sickle and they battle capitalist bosses

did we ever figure out why bernie was running when he got off that escalator?

if I start simping for Iggy azalea that's when you know to send in seal team 6 to rescue me keeps trying to get me to listen to kream by ig*y az*lia and I absolutely do not want this please stop

I've seen suspiria (1977) at least twice now and my memories of it are so foggy it's like I was extremely high both times

club penguin feels like it was simultaneously 25 years ago and also yesterday

do not perceive me without my express written consent, thanks

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