not to sound like a gay new englander but how do I get a tap of polar seltzer?

I made this toot in the middle of a rush at work but I needed to get it out. why do newscaster all sound the same?

HIV prevention PSA (tldr you can get PrEP for FREE) 

Good morning, this image is at the top of a New York Times article about celery juice, and it looks like a shitpost

dont call urself a cinephile if u dont wanna fuck a projector

I saw the only good gadsden flag liscence plate
It reads "SNK OMG"

gonna start calling myself an anarcho-stalinist

i will not be reading the replies to this

anyway trans socialists are the most powerful beings in the universe

gtfo stands for


I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom,

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