anyway new/recent followers please follow me at my eternal home in valhalla, @aflightybroad

thats right i saved knzk by blocking the haters ... now im going back to my home planet

anyway that's my japanese ska thread, please check it out if you're interested in some ska but from japan!!

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra is like ... i feel obligated to mention them, lol, they're good fun too - tbh i shoulda mentioned them before Mongol800 but whatever i guess! they're really talented all-around imo.

this song actually has Kemuri's lead singer on guest vocals! fun lil crossover from earlier in the thread:

Mongol800 aren't my very favorite but they're pretty decent too - try this song out:

most of the stuff of theirs up on youtube is really low quality, unfortunately ...

Kemuri is another band I listened to a ton of back in the day who I still love to revisit occasionally. Most of their lyrics are in English.

Check out PMA:

any of you fine folks out there ever listen to japanese ska

I officially declare this scene the ending of Tenchi Muyo and I refuse to hear otherwise

Burying A Large Knife With A Bone Handle In The Fallen Leaves To Conceal It From Prying Eyes . . .

what do you call anarchists who push kropotkin's most seminal work ...
black and bread

probably the best part about going to the DHS today was realizing there was a security check, and then hiding my knife in the forest before entering. the second best part was then retrieving my knife from the woods afterwards.

*anarchist follows me*
*quickly references color chart to see if they're cool*

my dog was STARING ME DOWN and i could not figure out what she wanted - it's too early for her to be begging for dinner, we just went out .. what could it be!!

... she just wanted up on the chair with me, all i had to do was move aside. she is now cozied up under my elbow. im glad my chair is big enough for dog. i love her. she's so good.

@aflightybroad man, I'd love to live in this alternate universe where bad shit doesn't just *happen* and everything's the result of a semi-incompetent NWO and stuff

predatory capitalism is just the worst

like capitalism is bad but when you especially get into stuff with tiny fine print T&C's that's meant to extra fuck over and exploit the poor.. that's the real trash garbage, just, even more bad than usual somehow,

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