I seem to be having the worst luck with bike sharing 😐

"civil" "debate" about gender-inclusive terminology in the OSM mailing list 

Oh no… OH NO

Ffs all these dumbass electron apps are somehow managing to consume all my ram.

My dormitory has a communal bathtub that you have to pass to get to the showers. 🛀

I swear, this baby is going to be apart of my retirement plan.

Protests, Politics 

So, just suspended all in Center City, on short notice, after morning rush hour. 🤔

Anyone remember tildes.net?

It was hyped up to be the Reddit alternative to end all Reddit alternatives, partly because it was run by a former admin.

Supposedly, he "knew how to grow a community." Alas, it wasn't going to be the *next big thing,* but I'm not sure if it was supposed to be.

Radical Town

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