A friend is looking to get into while isolating so I'm looking for resources / courses to send along that are super intro level but are more or less language agnostic.

Looking for more generic stuff, and I'll be supporting their learning.

any ideas? I'm having a bit of a hard time finding the material.

I don't want them diving into a bootstrapping interactive javascript course, or learning python by making a game.

@adasauce huh. that is a tall ask.

maybe why's poignant guide to ruby ( it's ruby-specific but very intro level and explains many programming concepts well.

@adasauce You might take a look at entry-level free courses on platforms like Udemy:
Many of them are directed to specific languages, but you'll also find more generic ones. Hope that helps.

@adasauce You may find helpful.

Also, the Prep course for either JavaScript or Ruby at is free and very good, starting out from the very beginning and not expecting the student to have any prior programming knowledge or experience. It's very thorough.

I'm currently enrolled in Launch School if you have any questions about it.

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